From: Amanda 
Subject: Re: Please hear me out
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 02:36:18

I know that i may not have the knowledege you have in this world about how the earth spins ot the latest scientific research. What i do know is that i wasn't formed becuase some mishap in the universe. I don't beleive I have been suckered into anything. I also live by doing good to others because i believe that everyone was formed by God even those who refuse to admit he is their maker. You never answered me if you really wanted to believe that someone made with you love or you were formed by mid air. The questions you ask i can answer btu you will never beleive them to be true because i beleive you arfraid of the truth. Tell me if you have faith in anything if you beleive in anything. I also dont need a preacher to tell me what to beleive in you know nothing about how i feel the way i do and where i get my info. Church is not some plave where the preachers tell us reasons every sunday about how God is real. We learn each day more and more about our God. And yes we can prove God exists but can you prove to me that you love someone or that someone loves you. You can't prove it you cant prove that the sun is actually out there. You dont have fiath in ayhting beacuse you have to have evidence. Stop trying to find evidence somteimes there in no evidence and not always i sthere a reason for why things happen. Oh and by the way i do think for myself and i dont need you trying to tell me im wroing. Im not trying to tell you that youre wrong im standing up for what i believe. I think you scared of the unknown just for once take a leap of faith.

From: Darwin Bedford <>
To: Amanda
Subject: Re: Please hear me out
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 00:25:08 -0800

Dear Amanda,

You still don't see my point.  You say that God did say he gave man what to
say when they wrote the Bible, but you are ignoring the fact that it says
that in the Bible.  If the Bible was really authored by man then this makes
that untrue and it means that it was just included in the text of the Bible
to support your faith in the story of the Bible--and you my dear, sure have
been suckered by it.  I don't know what line your preacher has been giving
you but the Bibles of today contain many alterations from the
original.  Try living for yourself instead of for a god that is not there
and you might find that doing good for others is a necessary component to
your happiness.  When you die you have lost your ability to contribute as
well as Nothing is in store for you.  Don't forget that the Bible was
written before we understood that there is reason why everything
happens.  If you think that the wind blowing on you is God trying to touch
you then I don't think I stand a chance in trying to convince you that you
have no real evidence in your daily life that your god is even aware of
you.  If you think that God is the simplest answer then without quoting the
Bible try answering some of these questions:

How did God come into being?  Did God have a beginning or did he always
exist?  Does God have a purpose for his life?  Will God ever die?  What is
in store for God's life?  Does God age?  Does God get wiser as time
passes?  Does God learn new things?

Darwin Bedford

At 02:49 AM 2/18/02 +0000, you wrote:

Thanyou for reading my email
but i just want to say that God did say he gave man what to say when they
wrote the Bible, So technically man did write the Bible but if there
wasn't a God then how come that even the most recent Bible is still the
same as the scrolls that were found near the Dead Sea. Man always makes
mistakes, if there wasn't somebody higher than us watching over us and
making sure that his word would stay true, our Bibles today would have
never matched up with the Dead Sea scrolls. And that's the whole basis of
believing in God, you must have faith that he made you and that he is
there. If I didn't beleive in God then what is there to live for. We will
all die and then what Nothing. Just look in side yourself and scrutinze
what you believe and make sure that there is absolutely no doubt in your
mind that there is somebody higher than yourself who loves you and wants
you to belive in him so much that he cries every time you dont notice him
each day. Look in the sky and feel the wind blowing on you that is God
trying to touch you and trying to get you to see him but you are too busy
trying to believe in something else that is harder and more difficult to
beleive in. Wouldn't you agree that sometimes the right answer is the most
simplist answer around!
A child of christ
From: Darwin Bedford <>
To: Amanda 
Subject: Re: Please hear me out
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 18:53:57 -0800

Dear Amanda,

Are you sure about this?  Can you not see that all your reasons are based
on your belief that the God gave us the Bible.  What if the Bible was
written by man?  If you could only give up the idea that God gave us the
Bible--an idea that derives from the Bible itself, then maybe you could
gain your mind back from the demise of Bible monolibricity.

Darwin Bedford

At 11:30 PM 2/16/02 +0000, you wrote:

I stumbled upon you website and felt immediately saddened for you. I want
you to listen to some of my reasons for why I beleive in God. God gave us
the Bible and if you have read it you would find that it has stated that
the world was round long before scientists said it was. Long before people
discovered space God told in the bible about the countless stars and the
many planets that he had made. God told us all about things he made long
before us humans discovered it ourselves. Read the Bible and study it with
an open heart before you judge it and the maker of our planet. You have
you beliefs and i have mine but please do not make statements about God
before you have read his word.As well look around you breathe in the air
and ask yourself would you rather have been formed by some chance accident
or have had someone who made you in his own image and took the time to
know who you were and knew you before anyone else did, and took the time
to form you in your mother's womb. He loves you and will forgive you no
matter what you have done. He sent his only son to die for you. Jesus the
only son of God died on the cross for you. If that's not love i don't know
what is.
With love from God's humble servant.