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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 15:36:40 -0500 (EST)
From: Kelly Warkentin <>
Subject: Unbelievable?

Hey there,
I saw you demonstrating in front of Willingdon Church today. I saw your sign so I checked out your web site.
I am a Christian, and frankly, I'm not emailing you to debate our beliefs. I know I will not be swayed from my beliefs, and I know you will not be either. So, that being said, I am going to agree to disagree with you.
I have some questions for you: What happened to you that has made you so opposed to the church? Do you feel the same way about other religions?
Just for the record, when a person becomes a Christian, they do not become perfect. Only the most foolish of us will act like we are. Same with the many people in the Bible that you have quoted doing sinful things, like Abraham lying about his wifes identity. He was not above humanity, he was a sinner like I am, but he had a relationship with God.

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