From: *******
Subject: May God Have Mercy On You
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 15:19:42 -0400

Since you get to exercise you 1st amendment right on the internet, I am exercising mine to you. I am appalled at what you have on your home page. I ran into it purely by accident!! First of all you are not a true atheist. In order to be an atheist you b
elieve that there is no God. You obviously believe there is a God because of the "stuff" I saw on your homepage. You seem to want to find someone to blame for all of the bad things in this world, so you easily blame God. Let me tell you for a fact!! He
is no
t to blame. Hold on to your horses because WE ALL are to BLAME for the mess this world is in. You can shake your fist at God all you want, you are still to blame, just as I am to blame. We are both sinners!! The only difference between us two is that I
am a sinner saved by grace!!! Only by God's wonderful grace am I saved from the penalty of my sins. You, however, are still under the penalty of your sin and it grows deeper each day you reject Jesus as Savior and Lord. I do not feel sorry for you, pity