Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 10:21:19 +1030 (Cen. Australia Daylight Time)
From: "Laura H********
To: <>
Subject: Spiritual Reality Therapy essay

I recently read your "urgent message" and came away feeling that you are on the same band wagon as all the preachers who want to convert you to their beliefs.
If following a spiritual path does mean making a conscious effort to grow towards personal integrity and if you believe it too then my view is that you should support people to explore and define their beliefs, rather than be like all the other organisations, telling them what to or not to believe in.
If spirituality is what it takes for a person to grow and have meaningful purpose in their life then who are you to discourage them?
I think your "Spirituality Reality Therapy" would be put to greater use if it assisted people to define what they truly believe and know to be true for themselves, rather than be just another herder who leads them just as astray as the extremists of any other sector of belief. 

Laura H
Disappointed Reader