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Dear Graham,

If you were to meet an adult who believes that Santa Clause is real, your initial reaction might be to help them see the truth or you might regard them as being mentally challenged.  Now if you were drive into a small town where most of residents believed that Santa Clause was real wouldn't that make you feel a tad eerie or that it was just plain wrong? 

The problem is that people do base their life on there being a God.  It affects their thinking profoundly.  They accompany the god concept with the false idea that there is life-after-death.  I don't know about you but it scares the shit out of me knowing that people think that they are going to live in utopia forever after they live a short life on Earth--who cares about Earth, you know what I mean?  As long as they profess that Jesus is lord they will make it into Heaven!

Then there is a major problem with groups of people thinking that they share the same god as others in their religion but the other people's god is all baloney.  So they go about killing each other in attempt to have their god triumphant.

Sorry but I don't have any respect for this shit and I think that we should put a stop to this nonsense.

Darwin Bedford

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  I do realize that without religion in the world life would be more peaceful but some people believe in there religion like a little boy believes in santa claus.  You dont just go out and say fuÁk you father. That example may be pretty pathetic but you have to realize that yes there might not be a god and there may have never been one but you dont bash other peoples beliefs.  Some people base there lives on that stuff.  Me I am not a religious man but I still have a respect towards people and their beliefs.  Please e-mail me with a response
  Thanks Talk to you another time