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  Larry Wolf


  Diversity is a great idea on paper but in reality you have the existence of countries simply because people drift apart (just as many married couples do) into separate ideologies that are esentially incompatible.  Differing countries can coexist (if war doesn't break out between them over resources, etc) but that can't happen when coexisting beliefs exists within the same country.  It's a recipe for disaster and civil war.  Why, just look at the recent statement by the Palestinians who said they could not crack down on "extremists" who want to eliminate Israel because it would invite civil war.  Of course it will.  Differing ideologies, especially religious ones, always results in war.  It is the same in the animal kingdom and it is in ours and that's life because we share their DNA (97% identical to chimpanzees, etc). 

For this reason, the American experiment is destined for failure because it tries to incorporate those distinctively differing ideologies into one country and no one really gets along for very long (they just think they do).  It's why our crime is the highest in the world.  Everybody is confused and no one knows right from wrong anymore because wherever you turn you get a different religious or poltical opinion. 

And religion and belief in God is largely responsible for this sad state of affairs in America.

What?  You don't believe this?  It's true.

In America we have a greater collection of religious diversity than anywhere in the world.  And each one of those religions is highly intolerant of others.  If a jewish boy begins reading the Koran--you think the childs parents and family are going to allow this or permit it without substantially alienating the child (via threats, or expulsion)?  You think his jewish friends will?

Alternatively, if a muslim converts to christianity he is likely to get his eyes removed for blasphemy as that is being a traitor to "Alah".  At the least he will be banished from his family, maybe his country, and loose his hands so he can't hold a blashpemous book again.

I could give you thousands of these examples from just about any religious walk of life.  Want to talk about the Mennonites?  Seem like great people.  Tolerant?  Not a chance.  Extremely prejudiced in all facets of their beliefs.

And what is the reaction of religious people to words like this?  Extreme Intolerance and preudice.  Violence.  Suicide bombings.  

Religious people are extremely intolerant of others despite what they claim.  Religious people are the world's largest group of bigots in the world.  They create animosity by peer pressure to belong.  Their oppresion is beyond even that of Hitler's nazism because they disquise their truths in silly maxims or "holy writings" , etc., etc. and dare anyone to speak out against them.  Well, absolute power corrupts absolutely and that's the backbone of all religions--threats, banishment and death.

Well, in the end there can be only one. 

I for one hope atheists win the battle of earth as religion is a virus on mankind started by an oppressed few as a way to gain power.  It's given many false hopes of an afterlife that has never manifested itself in any way with reality.

"God help us".  No way hose.  It's just a fairy tale for the weak minded.