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  the bilogical laws of nature prove the existance of any higher power is a figment of your imagination.  All organisms are cellular based which means that the cell had to happen first.  we are biological machines.  consuming all and changing the chemical make ups of the consumed.  We burn all chemicals from the earth through our motion like a bacteria.  One day the human spieces will awaken from it's constant search of reason and will be stupified to realize that all realizations before this were of the constant firing of electrodes in the mind causing a false sense of reality and reason for themselves to keep depleating the resources of this earth.  The thing that bothers me is that when we look at another planet we ask ourselves why we are special and then with a very closed mind passes it off as an act of a "higher power".  Society never realizes that we create the bible and god in our image because all we know is our language and our image.  We create these books and such because of our search for the "truth" and then come to a conclusion without checking for hard evidence or logistics behind the mindless chatter.  The truth is that we are here to burn until burned out.  Reproduction keeps the fire going over long periods of time.  I believe that maybe sometime in the future we will come to our senses and the illogical explinations for reason will be discovered and all who were mocked and stabbed will be put on a peddestool for once in the history of man.  We will be able to beat the truth into the non believers and show generations to come the truth and finally have more usage out of a growing population of children being brought up in lies just like our generation was.  Childhood anger as it may be, it is now our turn.  The crap that has been force feed into society is unjust and communistic.  that may be a stretch but look at the control over the roman empire the church had.