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  James Davies


  Hello mr dawin my name in James davies and im emailing you
  from Birmingham England. I too am a fellow athiest
  it  just dosent seem logical that there is a god and i
  am not prepared to pray every sunday of my life to a god that dosent exist. But what annoys me is the reception
  that atheist's get world wide by all faiths and religions.
  They see us as horrible "criminal" type herotic's with no morals. This as im sure you will agry is untrue we are just
  the people with the clear unblured vision But what i find SCARY is the absolute huge amount of people who belive in a god or "higher being" even when the theory of evolution
  is accepted world wide. Whats wrong with these people? i belive the idea of god became of one or a group of people who are afraid of death and afraid of not existing when there time comes. what ever is true i doubt we will ever be in majority.   thank
 you for your patience in reading this.