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Subject: [WEB-20050113.b05bf4] Message to Darwin
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005, 18:48:53 -0800

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  It is really sad to see all the anger that comes from you.  It is easy to be angry at someone you do not understand.  One of the reasons that God came to earth was to set up his ministry.  He intended to have one religion, Christian or people of Christ.  All these other denominations are created from man.  Their main goal is to gain money, it's sad but true, they know that some confused people want God so they make some noble story up so they can reap their money.  This also applys to Christians, many out there do not teach and live by the true word of Christ and want money.  These people are wolves in sheep clothing and help misguide people like yourself.  If you read the Bible Jesus himself denounces religious leaders because of their hypocracy.  Please don't let the devil get in the way because I wouldn't want my worst enemy to end up in hell.  Thank you and God bless.