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  I was brought up as a catholic child. My mom and dad are both catholic. My dad more than my mom. I'm 12 years old, and I have chosen to become an atheist. I go to a catholic school, I always have. I've listened and I've learned. None of it makes any s
ense to me, and there is hypocricy in every corner. I have been talked to endlessly by friends, family, and even guidance counselors to re-think my decision. I don't see why. I'm not trashing the so-called God that they believe in. I've just chosen to t
hink of it as a bunch of bull shit. They can believe all they want but I like to have an open, free mind. I've been asked by people I have just met why I'm atheist. I just tell them its because Christianity and Catholicism doesn't help me. I've had peop
le assume I have no morales. Just because I don't have a God to "guide" me, doesn't mean I'm a complete idiot. I have never indulged in drugs, alchol, or any other thing that would be harmful to me at such a young age. I have friends who were baptised a
s babys, (I haven't been) and who have followed their religion very closely, who have screwed up their lives already. I'm no longer friends with these people though because they were trying to bring me down with them.
  It all goes to show that religions may enforce these morales, but really, if you think about aren't all the 10 commandments just common sense? My brother is an atheist too, hes 15. Some people think I am too young to make this decision for myself. Wel
l why not? I have the intelligence to think it out. Just because I have not spent as many years on Earth as some, doesn't mean that I can't possibly understand. It just means I have that much more time to think things out.