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  Please add this to your site, if u dare....
  below are questions from created for believers of christ to answer. Since Ice was no challenge... I decided 2 find atheists who were. Here are the questions and answers.
  D I S C L A I M E R :
  ***I stress that all these answers are my opinions and do not reflect any one's beliefs but my own I am not a reprensative of all christians  I rep myself ***
  *** I do not believe that I am holy, superior, perfect, because I believe in the word of Christ, I KNOW that I am a blatant sinner, but in spite of this fact Jesus still loves and I believe that it is my responsibilty to find what path I'm suppose to
take not his. I don't believe that god forgives, and forgives and forgives anyone for repeating the same sins over and over and over. I believe he forgives you when you are honest in asking for forgiveness and that he does shun you when has had enough o
f you
r lies.***
  1) How would you define God, and why are you so convinced that there is one?
  God is an entity that is the creator of earth/humans/heavens/beyond. I believe in him because I searched for him, and he responded.
  2) If everything needs a creator, then who or what created God?
  I believe that humans cannot understand why God has no creator because on earth everything has a beginning and an end. We as humans cannot conceive of something NOT having a beginning and an end because everything on earth has a start and a finish. Go
d speaks of heaven as not being like earth, that there is NO "time" and he speaks of ETERNAL peace, joy, happiness etc etc etc, therefore that gives me the impression that "time" aka start and finish is an earthly matter and not something that God is as
ted with because god is not of earth.
  3) How can something that cannot be described be said to exist?
  Well as far as I have read in books, and speaking to others that study religions there is a lot of proof that since the beginning of "recorded" time, humans have been drawn to believe in a "higher power", if you look in Sociology or archeology books (
which have nothing to do with religion, therefore have a neutral point of view) it has been proven that even in the most primitive times humans have been drawn to worship a higher power. I believe this is because we as creations that are made in the"ima
ge of
 god" are drawn to look for god as part of our innate DNA... in othe words... Basically we NEED him.
  4) Since there are countless religions in the world today claiming to be the one true religion, why do you think yours is truer than theirs?
  It is my opinion that "religions" are in fact man made. In the Bible I don't remember reading Jesus mentioning a "name" (aka denomination) for what his teachings were. Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, Muslim etc etc are not "N
AMED" or orally said by him in any of his teachings. I believe that because humans have created all these religions it has only confused people. I don't believe mine is truer than others because I have no denomination and only go by what I believe the B
  5) Can more than one of these religions be right?
  I believe that most of the "christian" religions have SOME aspects of truths and some aspects of Human input. I do not believe in religions that are not based in Christianity. I don't go by any religion I have no denomination.
  6) If you feel in your heart that your religion is the right one, how do you answer those of other faiths who claim the same thing?
  Excellent question. I think that If you believe in Jesus, than you must believe in the Devil. Why? because Jesus/bible/God acknowledges his existence in the bible by it's name and examples of his "doings". I believe that these religions are basically
religions created by the devil to confuse and separate people from the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  7) How do you settle the debate and find out which of these religions, if any, is the right one?
  I believe that everyone at some point in there lives has questions about God, his existence, world issues, politics etc etc. I believe one must read up as much as they can on ALL aspects before making a final decision. I think it is wise (if you lean
towards not believing in God) to first put your ego/beliefs aside humble yourself and try to have a conversation (through prayer) with God. If he exists he will respond to with the answers you need, if he doesn't exist than he won't answer you and have
d that you correct in not believing in him. *** but the key is to humble yourself and asking with pure intent to really know the truth***
  If God does exist, he has no reason to hide from you unless YOU reject him., supposedly he LOVES YOU... why would he ignore you if you come to him truly trying to know the truth???
   Why does God allow all these false religions to exist?
  I believe that after Adam and Eve created their "sin" by disobeying God "Free Will" came to be a fact on earth. The world became imperfect and in fact although God created earth, it is RUN by the devil. Humans now have the responsibility to reach out
to God for guidance in knowing the truth. The devil is always fighting for your soul to die, and God is always fighting for your soul to live.
  9) Is the bloody history of Christianity consistent with what is supposed to be a religion of love, or does it simply illustrate the consequences of abandoning reason for faith?
  Christianity to me, is a based on love, understanding, equality for all, and everything esle that is considered "good". I believe that it is not Christianity that CAUSES these deaths but the **HATRED of it's teachings** by a world that is run by the D
  10) If everything is the product of a grand design by an omniscient, benevolent designer, why is the history of life a record of horrible suffering, blundering waste, and miserable failures? Why does this God go through billions of years of such carna
ge without yet arriving at His goal?
  Again, I believe that after Adam and Eve failed and sinned, the world became "imperfect" and and "free will" came into place. Every one of jesus's teachings is about ending suffering, healing others, loving one another, helping etc etc I think "horrib
le sufferings" come about by humans Vs humans and the devil using are weakness to devide us (war, poverty, social class, human status, world hunger to me seem to be made not by humans not God Vs Humans.)
  11) Why did God intervene so many times in human affairs during antiquity (according to the Bible) and yet not do anything during the Holocaust of the Second World War?
  again, after the sins of Adam and Eve "free will" took place the world became full of sin, and humans have the free will to "treat" each other how they want (they will later pay in the day of judgment for what they did to their victims) and as far as
the days of "antiquity" if you mean why God intervened in the old testament I think that's because Jesus Christ did not exist yet therefore he had to step in, after the new testament/birth of christ God intervened by bring in Jesus Christ to earth to sh
ow hu
mans how to live their lives, it was now up to humans to do their "free will"
  12) Why should onešs inner convictions about the existence of God indicate that He/She/They/It exists outside of that personšs mind?
  I think it exists outside my mind because since humans are created in the image of God, one would think that there would be a "need" to connect with him/it, and most christian experiences (stories) about the holy spirit seem to be the verify that we h
ave not lost our minds and that he does exist! LOL
  13) Can a God who would abandon His children when they needed him the most still be considered all good?
  Yes I think so, for the simple fact that when you think God is not with you, that's when he is with you. God lets us go through pain and suffering to teach us "lessons". God is not going to "baby" you, we live in an imperfect world and we must learn t
o live in it. I found that all my terrible experiences in my life have made me a much stronger person and because of that I am able to face a world that is run by the devil therefore making me a stronger christian. (consider it as "christian boot camp"

  14) If something is not rational, should it be believed anyway?
  Yes, because as humans we do not have all the answers, and what wasn't rational in the Cave man era like TV's, Radio, Computers, Cars are "rational" concepts today. Human's do not know everything, we are imperfect creators.
  15) If the God of the Bible is all good, why does He himself say that He created evil? (Isaiah 45:7)
  I just picked up 2 different bibles and I don't see where he says that He says he created evil. he says he created "light and darkness" darkness meaning night time and light meaning day time (I think), don't see how you can take those words and switch
 up like that...
  16) Is there a better way than reason to acquire knowledge and truth?
  Yes, humbling yourself and trying to talk /pray to a god to see if he exists. If he exists he will let his presence be known if he doesn't than you were right... **but you must do it without ego and be humble** God loves you and has no reason to hide
from you unless you are the one rejecting him... and trust me if you reject him HE WILL REJECT YOU.
  17) If you would answer #16 with faith, then why are there so many contradictory faiths in the world?
  1 Is comfort more important to you than intellectual integrity?
  NEITHER, salvation of my soul is more important.
  19) What would it take to convince you that you are wrong?
  There will be no one to answer the door when I ring the bell! LOL
  20) If nothing can convince you that you are wrong, then why should your faith be considered anything other than a cult?
  See answer 19
  21) If an atheist lives a decent, moral life, why should a loving, compassionate God care whether or not we believe in Him/Her/It?
  Because living a "decent", "moral" life is what Jesus Christ stood for, so if you do live this way than consider yourself a person living Christian life!! LOL If you live a moral and decent life than why do you reject a perfect example of that life (J
esus Christ)??? lol Jesus never lifted his hand against anyone, healed the sick, fed the hungry, forgave the sinner etc etc... things that make you go "hmmm" 
  22) Why do so many religious people thank God when they survive a disaster, yet fail to be angry with him for causing the disaster in the first place?
  I don't believe he creates ALL disasters, what disasters specifically?
  ---World hunger? no, he doesn't cause world hunger because there is 4.pds of food for every single human being that ever lived on earth!!!, but we humans make sanctions, laws, and separate each other by social class and chose who will has enough $$$ t
o pay for a decent life through world trade etc etc etc... example: Africans Vs USA
  ---The hole on the ozone layer? caused by the creation of modern technologies that HUMANS created like cars, hair spray, energy plants etc etc???
  Or do you mean why we thank him for survival of personal "disasters" like divorce, drug abuse, child abuse? I think that we thank him for the experience that made us stronger (experiences that are put forth by the devil's temptations to break us) and
for finally allowing the disaster to pass, making us stronger Christians.
  23) If you demand that the atheist disprove the Judeo-Christian God, are you prepared to disprove the existence of Zeus, Odin, Ra and all the other ancient gods and goddesses?
  Well try praying to Zeus, Odin, Ra and see if they answer you  Try praying to the christian God and see if he answers you  lastoneistherottenegg! lol
  24) Why is the number of atheists in prisons disproportionally much smaller than their numbers in the general population?
  Perhaps because they have time to really think about what they have done, repent (or at least be shown by God through prison churches or personal search within themselves that they sinned *** just because they believe in a god does not mean they feel
sorry for what they did***
  25) Is the brutal, vengeful and bloodthirsty God as depicted in the Old Testament still a loving God?
  Very much so a loving God, God HATES sin and is furiously jealous of those who idolize fake gods (which a lot of old testament shows many instances of that) He loves what is pure and without sin and his fury and wrath will be felt when he is desperate
ly trying to save humans from sin, but WE don't listen. I think of it as when a parent yells and corrects a child, if the parent didn't love you he would not get mad and correct you.
  26) Should any religion that demands we elevate faith over reason be trusted?
  Being Christian has a lot of "reason" in it, I think I have proven this thus far with my answers? no? ::shrugs::
  27) How can the same God that, according to the Old Testament, killed everybody on Earth except for four people be considered as anything other than evil? See answer 25
  2 Is the acceptance of religious mysticism, magic and miracles consistent with our understanding of good mental health?
  Well... the bible came before modern science and just because modern science gives an act of "mysticism, magic, miracles" a stamp of mental disease it does not mean it is... Example Matthew 17 15:20
  29) Must we hate our families and ourselves in order to be good Christians? (Luke 14:26)
  I think this meant that if your family and friends deny or reject Christianity that you should part from them, nothing should be more important then following God's word.
  30) Since the ancient world abounded with tales of resurrected Savior-Gods that were supposed to have returned from the dead to save humanity, why is the Jesus myth any truer than all the others? See answer 19
  31) If the Bible is the standard for morality, why does it not forbid slavery and war?
  Are you serious or you can't read? lol... Jesus preaches equality for everyone, ever heard of love thy neighbor bla bla bla ... HELLO?? knock knock! lol
  32) If the Bible is the inerrant word of God, why does it contain so many factual errors, such as the two contradictory accounts of Creation in Genesis? I have no idea what your talking about, but if someone knows please e-mail me about it... misslati
  33) Why isnšt the Bible written in a straightforward way that leaves no doubt about what it means?
  I think that it is revealed to those who WANT to learn the truth, again it's all about free will... if you seek, all will be revealed to you.
  34) The last time Christianity attained total power, it resulted in the Dark Ages, so why should we expect anything different from Christian fundamentalists today? I don't know what you mean by the the "dark ages", please explain.
  35) Has anyone ever been killed in the name of atheism?
  Probably not, no one is going to fight for a belief that to me offers no hope... you don't believe in God you don't believe in the Devil so if you die what exactly would be the purpose/end result? as prince said on his website about the an atheists fu
neral... "all dressed up and no where 2 go!" LOLOLOL and anyways, why would the devil cause trouble to people who in fact are helpin his cause??? Atheists spread the belief of no god, no christ, if anything y'all should get 2gether and ask the devil for
 a ra
ise! LOL
  36) Why does history show that every time a fundamentalist religion has gained power, tyranny and persecutions have soon followed?
  see answer 6
  and also, the bible states that many chrisitans would be persecuted for believing in him