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  chris evans


  My name is chris, and i have to say that finding a good Atheist site is hard these days. Thanks to religion, our world suffers every day, and I believe that we need change. More and more of my friends are admiting at my school that they too, are athiest. if only more people would wake up and realise that they do every thing themselves, and not some fictional bastard, our world would be a better place. Gay marrigaes are a big issue (mind my spelling, im using a crappy laptop) here in Canada, and i believe that the church has no right to tell gays what they will do with their lives. God does not tell the public this, it is the butt-fucking priest that tell this. recently, my friend was protesting at his school about religion (he's a athiest too) and was called down to the office. the principal yelled at him for over an half an hour, and when he was allowed to go back to class, he was verbally attacked by a group of religous supporters. One went out of his way to punch my friend in the
he principal did nothing to stop this, and my friend had to be rushed out of the school by his friends. this just shows how fucked up the world is.