From: Tony
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 00:34:07 EDT
Subject: Re: I wish


Good, but I'd rather go to a message forum.  How about  This has an excellent forum (which you may consider to put a forum into your site).  I've been getting my arguments out (against atheism) over there.  Try to f ind 'if you don't believe in Hell it don't exist' or other threads that I was posting on.

Anyway, a small bit about myself.  I'm a Roman Catholic, who are allowed interpret the bible a bit more loosely than Protestants, and who focus on traditions that Jesus set in place (esp. Breaking Bread) and the Bible.  I was raised withou t religion w/ no church until about 3 years ago when I had a psychological experience (I call supernatural, at least by our current science) wherein I 'saw' God, or had an epiphany, and believed God existed (or the Catholic Church has a mastery of psych ology which would shame Freud), either way, I have dedicated by life to Jesus.

May God's Love shine upon you,