Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 22:09:15 -0700
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From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: some ramblings and comments

We can have rules and hope without religion -- many of us do.  You seem to enjoy having to follow rules.  Is that some form of masochism? 

Anyway that a person can obtain power or money or sex, it shall be done--even if it employs religion to do so.  Obviously religious people have a tendency to be gullible.

Holy books are full of contradictions.

Darwin Bedford

At 07:31 PM 7/18/02 +0000, you wrote:

Actually I agrre with most of what you said on the site.  I have a lot of opinion on Chirstianity too.
I am wondering how you feel about these points.  I am a cross between a non-believer and a Buddhist.

1) I believe that religion is beneficial for an individual becaus eit provides rules and hope for them.  However the problem that arises is when these individuals push other people into believing it.  This is especially a problem for me when many of these so called believers actually live their lives like the rest of us and have not followed most of the rules set out by their religion.  (How many Christians lie and cheat???)

2) Another BIG problem I see is the commercialization of religion especially in Prebysterian- not sure how to spell that! (Christian but not Catholic). 
I see them providing all these games and shows and activities for teenagers and then telling them to join them.  And then they start telling them that all they want them to do is to come and be closer to God adn that it does not mean that they will have to change the way they live or follow strict rules.  That to me is like a sales scheme!!!

3) Finally religion often gets warped by the people that represnt them and are often abused and used in politics.  eg.  after the Sept.11 attack, the US attacked Afganestan.  On one of the US channels I saw some representative of some church on a talk show, claim that the US were justified in attacking.  He said that "the Bible allows us to take revenge against our enemies and that vengence is justified'  But then what about a very famous saying that jesus himself said?  "if someone slap your face, then you must turn and let him slap the other side of your face"  so how come there is contradiction??  basically they just use whatever suits them at that time.

I have many more opion on this topic but I guess its too much to put in here.