Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 18:09:51 -0400

Hello, my name is Amy.  I discovered your web-site and was extremelly
impressed.  I share your belief that humanity is better advanced by
eliminating the chains that religion places upon our will, our ability,
to think.  Religion is, as you say, a plague.  It is spread by contact
with society, a society that declares that you simply must accept what
you are told or burn in an imagined "hell".  Well, id rather burn in hell
with all of the great thinkers in the past than live in heaven with
ignorant slaves to an unjust God.  Anyways, I wanted to express my
profound support of your crusade to free people from the slavery that is
religion.  I only 16, but I have strong anti-religious beliefs, and where
I am from non-belief is completely taboo.  My every day is another
argument against what I percieve to be society-enforced ignorance.
Innocent victims are forced into a mind-set that is in complete
contradiction to scientific evidence.   My entire family is infected with
the religious plague, and I cannot claim to personally know anybody that
is not infected at least partially.  My family knows my disbelief, but
they do not know the extent of my detestment of religion.  I fear if I
inform them I will be forced to endure way to much ridicule and increased
preaching living under a roof that is not my own.  I know not how to
effectively combat this disease that destroys the human mind, but I plan
to do my part someday to join the great league of intelligent individuals
whom I view as martyrs for truth in a world consumed by lies. My point in
this message is to offer my gratitude at seeing that Im not alone, my
congratulations that you have escaped the enslavement of societ endorsed
relgious doctrine, and my request for a reply concerning advice on how to
better support this crusade against ignorance.  Thank you very much for
your time.