From: Neftali
Subject: [WEB-20021127.d77d2d] Message to Darwin
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002, 09:26:16 -0800

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 27, 2002, 09:26 PST
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  neftali r*****

  It seems to me that deep inside, you really beleave there is a God,  otherwise you wouldn't blame Him for all the troubles of the world. Perhaps the title of atheist is misapropiated.
  Becouse of you not knowing God, coupled with your passion to continue enjoying your sinfull lifestile, plus God has not opened your heart to find Him; since you are so proud and arrogant, you continue in a state of darkness.
  The bible says that if the glorious gospel(good news) of Jesus Christ be hid, it is hid to those whose mind satan(deceiver)has blinded, lest the light(truth)of Jesus Christ should shine on them and they see and believe.
  You most likely have been hurt a lot since you were a little boy and were not raised in a stable, safe, loving environment, were Jesus Christ was Loved and the center of the family. So that now you blame God for all your misfotune and that of the world.
  But don,t despair, you are not the only one feeling the way you do. I for 28 years felt the same way. Did not believe in a good God, and despised and hated those who mantioned the name of Jesus. There are many more who have the same disappointment and fear.
  Remenber, at the beginning when God created all things including men there was no sickness, desease, murders, violence, rape, and all the evil we now see in the world.
  Of all that He created He said "it is very good" God never wanted His most precious creation to suffer;but look at the way things turned out.
  Man overlook one minor detail when making judgements on themselves, the world, and God; that every human being is created with a free will.
  Adam and his wife Eve had to choose between God And satan so that fellowship between Adam and God could be agreeable.
  As long as satan was not in the picture Adam had only the choice of God. God being fair and just needed to introduce another component, and this is were satan entered the picture.
  Adam, now faced with the choice, chose satan and his ways of doing things and there by separation from God(truth  and life). And so the wrong way of doing things entered the world and every generation after him and so darkness(not truth) and death through sin.
  Jesus said that, "satan came to steal, kill and destroy"  so that anythind he touches will die, and if we do things satan's way, it will also die. At this point God is not to blame any more but us.
  Now, you Darwin, are at the same place Adam was. Who are you going to choose, God and His ways Or satan and his lies:Adam made the wrong choice and fell, will you.
  Jesus said "I have come to give life and that more abundantly", "I did not come to condemn(judge) the world but that through me, the world might be saved",
  "for God so loved the world that He gave His only bagotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life","come to me all you who are weary and havy burdened and I will give you rest"
  Darwin, all I can say to you, is that you can continue in the way you are going but the end of it is death and eternal damnation, or you can choose God and be saved. The choice God will leave to you. Not only that, the concequences will be worst; for example, if you have children, they will follow after their daddy and believe the way you do so that depending on what you choose they run the risk of rejecting the Lord Jesus.
  Now look at what Jesus said "beleave in me and you will be saved you and your household"
  All I know Darwin, is that God loves you and is crazy about you. He longinly desires to become your best friend, will you receive Him?
  If the answer is yes, pray the following prayer after me:
  Lord Jesus, shine your light upon me.
  Reveal the true state of my heart.
  Have mercy upon me,a sinner, and open my eyes to your glorious truth.
  Rescue me from this darkness that I may see you.
  Take all my burdens and help me in my most miserable state, I need you.
  Help me not to be afraid of what people are going to think  when I begin to follow you.
  I have built myself a reputation as an atheist and have led many astray away from the truth, please forgive me.
  Please help me break free from this and start a new life with you as the centre of my life.
  And any doubt or questions I have, I surrender them to you;
  who know and undertand everything.
  I you did'nt care for me I would be a dead man today, so there must be a reason why you have me alive. Lord Jesus please take the rest of my life, I surrender it to you;do with me as you please.
  Cover me with your precious blood and forgive me of all my sins.
  Darwin, If you prayed with all your heart, rest assured God Almighty has heard you and anwered your patition.
  Please contact me if you would like to talk.
                             All the best,