Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 01:28:09 -0800
To: "Paul Storey"
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Your website

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your many compliments.  Please make use of the diagram as you see fit.  And please send me a copy of your "Damaging Effects of Religion ..." CD.  Your comments on my naked-picture page are in sync with many others that express same.  So I am finally convinced that I should do as you say or something similar.  Perhaps I will make the page available only upon an e-mailed request. 

May I post your message on my site without blanking out your identity?

Darwin Bedford

At 08:43 PM 12/27/2002 -0800, you wrote:

        Congratulations!  Your website is tremendous.

        The T shirt is classic and will become famous!

        I would like to suggest a few additions to your "Religion, A Path to Hell"
diagram depicting the correlation between poverty, less education,
religiosity and increased fertility, with commensurate increased human

        I would like to use this diagram on my website and on
my website.  You have done an excellent job relating
factors that few people seem to tie together.  I'd like to include a
proposal to the Secular Humanists for a speech in their upcoming conference
in Wash DC in April.

        Also, if you are interested, I'll send you a copy of my presentation on CD
entitled The "Damaging Effects of Religion on Overpopulation and the
Environment" that I gave to the Atheists Alliance convention in Sacramento
in 2000.

        Lastly, one note of friendly concern.  Your site depicts exceptional
insight and humor and is a great boon to atheism.  I might suggest that the
picture of you naked, although not offensive to me, does raise a possible
flag in visitors minds about the ethics and morals of the atheism you are
attempting to convey.  It seems to me to be out of place here.  I would
suggest the place for this would be on a separate site, if necessary at all.
I think it detracts strongly from the other gifted offerings on your site.
How many religious sites have pictures of their pastors and preachers naked?

        I like your humor and please continue your superlative, laughable, laudable
and refreshing efforts!

        Best regards

        Paul Storey
        The Third Millennium television series
        Sacramento, California