To: <>
Subject: Wow
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 15:12:40 -0700

You got some steel stud. May the God you swear not to believe in show himself to be real to you. My hope is that you don't fall into the hands of the living God unprepared. As the scriptures quote "It is harder for a wise man to enter the kingdom of heaven, than it is for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle." Must be sad to know so much, yet really have wasted life on frivolous studies and truly know nothing of the truth that historically screams out to us from bygone years speaking of the truths of a Messiah (Dead Sea Scrolls). May the God of the Bible have mercy on us all for allowing this world to become what it has. For only through our poor stewardship has it come to such a state. We are all to quick to lay blame elsewhere when all too often we only need to look in the mirror to see the problem. All the best to you friend in your personal quest for truth. Just remember, God does Love you, and He also Loves all those countless others out there who are seeking out the truth for themselves. No matter what. I'm not up for arguing, but if you want to talk? Bye.
               T & R J*****