Subject: [WEB-20041113.0091e3] Message to Darwin
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Subject: [WEB-20041113.0091e3] Message to Darwin
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004, 12:33:04 -0800

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  It really doesn't bother me if one belives in god or not.  Honestly!  What I find so interesting is that for someone who claims not to belive, you hold so much passionand hate for something which is non existent.  I also detect some strong hate for mankind in general.  I hope this hate site helps you process and channel your perverse hate in a nontreatning way. 
  I am a little curious though...What would make someone like yourself have a desire to live, love or even think?  Can you enjoy life and all it can offer you?  Do you blame god (who is not real) for all the short commings around.  Why would you expect him (who is not real) to do anything for for any of us?
  See, I don't think you are really an atheist at all or you wouldn't go on and on about god and christ.  I think you just have an issue with god and you are calling him out.  LOL
  Take life a little lighter.  Since you can't do anything about it, enjoy it or take that door out.
  May your dust and ashes become new growth for future creation of life.