Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 07:21:45 -0600
Subject: Complaining?

I wanted to say that I accidentially came upon this site although that
is not entirely true - I belive it was allowed for me to see what is
really going on "behind the scenes" of "religion", but even after
reading what you have had to say, I still feel that you have said
nothing at all, to me at least. You complain a lot, but really don't say
anything constructive or "positive". Being a born-again Spirit -filled
Man of my "own" choice, my Christian walk is not because I was taught or
forced into anything, but because I had a personal encounter with the
one and only true living God. It was something I felt, something I
lived, something I breathed into my being, and that is what sets you and
me apart. I, like God, love you as a person - and one I have never met
at that, but like God, it is the sin that is hated - not the man. Now
how about on your website you "prove" that salvation is not true? But I
challenge you to read the scriptures (because to you it is a mere book
anyway) and then with your own knowledge - prove to me that it is
false.  If you can do that - then I will listen, until then it is just
more complaining, and we all know we get too much of that in the world