From: "Tom S***" 
Subject: Interesting
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 08:06:00 +0000

Well granted we live in a democracy we are all free to our own beliefs and opinions which I freely accept. I am sending you this letter to let you know that 5 grade 6 students in a science class were asked to do weather research and checked out only to be forwarded to your site which has offense use of language. To further my point you have no advisories what so ever.

It would be appreciated if you could post an advisory on your site about the use of language you fuÁking moron.

I would also like to alert you about your penis size of 1.2cm. The best suggestion would be to stay away from women so you don't suffer any verbal abuse. Also you may want to burn that shirt of yours while wearing it to test the flammability of the fiber. Hopefully it ill rid the world of virii like you. Seriously now? is the only way to try and recruit blind sheep to Athianism by using large sites and then forwarding them to your site? If you want to do something constructive with your time go get food for starving kids in Africa and stop trying to blame starvation on religion because you know just as well as I do the real reason being the weather and the economic state of the country. If you would like me to prove this to you just mail me back because I have a degree in meteorology and political science so I would just love to shine some light on this issue since you portray it very inaccurately.

This email courtesy of..
suck my balls you faggot

PS: if you really want to talk mail me back