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Greetings liberal sap,  Your a joke showing kids with there arms missing is not going to cut it, your kind is the minority all us normal American's know better.  You didn't show troops handing out food, water, and medicine to the people did you?  No because a heathen like yourself likes to portray things in a false light.  We need a President like Bush thank god for him, hey Darwin drive down the World Trade center site and tell me what kind of place we would have to live if this becomes a trend for every terrorist who wants to hurt innocent people of our Country.  We are letting it  be known to all of the Middle East and any other country if you are a terrorist or a Government who supports terrorist we will use swift and overwhelming military force on you.  Of course war is painful and innocent's get hurt we American's all feel there pain, but innocent people at the World Trade center who woke up for work to go make a living and support there families were killed and maimed also.  Your confused because you have been fed false information and your sense of reality is distorted you thrive on false propaganda to stir up fake stories about our Government.  Boycotting Mc Donald's isn't going to change anything, we are the greatest country in the world because our economy stimulates business around the world market place not because we are Imperialist's but because of our superior form of Government and leadership.  Other countries shouldn't boycott us and I might add they are lucky we don't boycott them, without our trade and access to our business market's they would simply be no more.  Yes my family and all other American's will continue to buy and love our good ol American products and so will people in other countries, as I said your kind is in the minority.  But just realize what you sound like when put down the U.S.A while our troops defend us and yes our tax money is spent to defend even people like yourself.  You really are sickening and I can't stand your kind, I have to admit I don't wish anything bad on (your kind)  but I really really do hate people like you..

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