Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 06:05:46 -0700
From: J Kardum <>
Subject: count your blessings
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My dear sir:
It is too bad that you are spending all your energy on trying to convince people to become non-believers.  I think you are doing this because you are searching for something and don't quite know what,  and in doing so, you are hoping that someone will come up with something to help you believe in what you don't want to believe in.  Perhaps you will succeed at what  you are doing presently and convince some person who is like you, searching, but you will not succeed in convincing believers because the greater power than thou, will intercept.  You also are an unhappy person or you wouldn't be doing this and someday when you do decide to believe you will see how your whole being will change.  It will just take one incident in your life.  Why, instead of using the internet to invade people's privacy with your thoughts , do you not use the website, to ask other people, why they do believe.  You might be enlightened.
I dare you to try this.
Thank you for your time.  My message is short.  I don't need pages and pages.