From: "Paul Storey" 
To: "Darwin Bedford" <>
Subject: FW: Your website
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 10:36:05 -0800

    Try walking down the street carrying a sign saying "I am the atheist messiah!" and see what happens.  You'll get a lot of sneers and maybe a chuckle here and there.  
    Then try walking down the street nude carrying a sign saying "I am the atheist messiah!" and you'll get arrested in no time. 
Plus you'll make the headlines the next day.  Atheist Nudist Messiah Arrested.
ps - Plus you are wasting a lot of my time dealing with you on this matter. 
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From: Paul Storey
Sent: Monday, 06 January, 2003 10:31 AM
Subject: FW: Your website

    Nudity is wrong on a website dealing with atheism.  Read the comments everyone sent you.     
    Get some sense, man. 
     You are fighting two battles at once.  You are antithetical to the religious people, and you are alienating the atheists.  You're not going to have a friend in the world.  You are an embarassment to everyone. 
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From: Darwin Bedford []
Sent: Monday, 06 January, 2003 12:31 AM
To: Paul Storey
Subject: RE: Your website


I have a flood of e-mails suggesting that I stop using profanity too.  It appears for some that nudity is ok but profanity isn't and vise versa.  You obviously, are troubled by nudity (by the very fact that you call it porn).  Please elaborate on why you think that nakedness is so wrongful.

Darwin Bedford

At 10:56 AM 1/4/2003 -0800, you wrote:
    You haven't finished the job.  Remove the mention of the nude picture totally from your site, not just saying the link has been broken. 
    The variety of emails echo my sentiments exactly, that you are causing much more harm than good to the cause in furthering your ideas of atheism by including your exhibitionisitic tendencies.
    Finish cleaning up your act.  It is an extremely serious flaw in your otherwise brilliant website. 
    Your persistance of keeping the mention of your nude picture, in spite of the flood of emails advising you to remove it, shows you to be very stubborn indeed, to the point of foolish. 
    And please continue your natural down to earth communication style, referred to as  "profane language when referring to Jesus and God".  I find it to be hilarious. 
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From: Darwin Bedford []
Sent: Thursday, 02 January, 2003 1:12 AM
To: Paul Storey
Subject: RE: Your website

Hi Paul,

Here's a copy of an e-mail that I just sent to many people (below).  Thank you for your input and allowing me to post your comments with your identity.

Darwin Bedford


Hi everyone,

Just a note to inform you that I have removed my infamous naked picture from my Web site which I posted in February, 1996. It appears that nudity is a controversial issue in its own right and that we don't only cover our privates due to religious teachings of the past or out of fear of reprisal from gods.

Besides my family, friends and work associates telling me that it is detrimental to my cause, here are some extracts of what people wrote to me about it.


You speak of how building your own values and integrity is the job of an individual. Well, I'm sorry sir but I don't think you have built your own integrity. You post photos of yourself nude online and use profane language when referring to Jesus and God. Do you have no dignity? Anyone with moral values, religious or not, would not present such atrocities to an open audience. I came across your website while doing a school research project on religion in schools. I'm a firm supporter of school prayer and teaching Christianity in schools because it gives people something true in this world to believe in, and teaches moral values that you sir, don't have.


Now to my suggestions, I believe more people would listen to you and your
ideas if you were a bit more casual. I refer to your posting a nude picture
of yourself, calling yourself an atheist's Messiah and putting in a link
titled "How I kill people."


I m an African asheist who very recently moved to l live in Canada. I was delighted to find yr page this night. I liked yr articles and I think they help me overhaul and service my atheism
But yr nude picture a little embarssed and disappointed(?) me. Yr credibility suddenly dropped some and according to Hilda who wrote the best message on yr nuditiy yr justifying it was even more damaging to yr reasoning.
I don't want to sound traditional but I don't want to spoil a starting relation. Or is it not?
Oh I forgot that grin. I am about yr age and you
must have been a very teasing person and many
did not like yr stubborn ways


But, if you don't mind some hopefully "constructive" criticism here, there
is still a straining or stretching of your credibility by using a 25 year
old nude photo of yourself sporting a full blown erection and insisting it
is "not juvenile stunt". The basis for this photo, you say, is that as
with the Doukhobors, you associate it with a display of the "rejection of
wealth and status." Well, this is where you blow it (excuse the
expression). Assuming that you want to attract intelligent and discerning
readers, they will know right away that this is a specious argument for
displaying this type of photo. Never have we seen such public photos of
Doukhobors. They took of their clothes and paraded down the streets "au
natural" as a means of attracting attention to their protest, which, if I
remember correctly, was against the government forcing their kids to go to
public schools.


And how the fuÁk is a nude picture of you gonna convince me that Gods a fraud. You are one crazed, sick bastard. I hope you live to see the time when Jesus cames back to take over the world after the Antichrist. Then all wird freaks like you will have their heads lopped off.
Maybe you lost those 31 domain names because you post nude pics of yourself on your sites.


Lastly, one note of friendly concern. Your site depicts exceptional
insight and humor and is a great boon to atheism. I might suggest that the
picture of you naked, although not offensive to me, does raise a possible
flag in visitors minds about the ethics and morals of the atheism you are
attempting to convey. It seems to me to be out of place here. I would
suggest the place for this would be on a separate site, if necessary at all.
I think it detracts strongly from the other gifted offerings on your site.
How many religious sites have pictures of their pastors and preachers naked?


I wonder, who your intended audience is. If it includes religious folks, whom you want to show the light of reason wrapped in humor and rational thought, then your naked picture almost certnainly will drive them to turn off the "light" by leaving the website and dismiss your ideas as deviant and degenerate.


See, I'm not stubborn after all.

D. Bedford


At 10:35 PM 1/1/2003 -0800, you wrote:

        Good to hear from you.

        Making your nude picture web page available by email is not good enough.
You arre still mixing atheism and exhibitionism.  Anyone viewing your site
will associate atheism with some kind of kinky sexuality.  Any reviewer
assessing your site will summarize something like "Atheist Messiah mixes
philosophy with porn."  You are setting yourself up for an easy target to
the religious right.  They can prove their righteousness by pointing to
atheistic depravity exemplified in your site.  You are loosing a tremendous
ammount of respect and what are you gaining?  What's up man?

        Look at the flap over Dr. Laura's nude photos.  Look at the uproars over
the preachers caught with prostitutes and the priest molesting kids.

        Sex and theology just don't mix.  At all.

        Get rid of that picture and drop any follow on.  Keep your sexuality to
yourself or use an alter identity on a separate site.

        Excuse my chastisement.  I admire your site tremendously.  Keep up the good
work, without any embarassing private parts.

        Aside from all that, yes you can use my comments with my identity.  I
suggest you cut out the comments on your nude pic from my letter, along with
cutting the nude page off your site, forever more.