Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:21:46 -0600
Subject: greetings

Outside of God there is nothing.  So therefore your thoughts are really
conficting to the truth , which outside of God there is none. In other
words your thoughts are outside of God. So there must be nothing.Get
it.  The word was God and is God. God three in Person blessed be the
Beside  sir  you would think that after sept 11 you would be a little
more sensitive to ones religion. I fear for the pagan believers, because
God is Love but God has eternal justice. If we claim to know and belive,
and mostly show in our lives that we trust in Him alone , then we have
the covenatal promises of God which we can speak of with, true Joy ,not
this nonsense talk of yours, who is probably not even as convicted to
this thoughts as written. It's called bluffing for
apperances sake. If so convicted in your thought Iwould love to chat.