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Subject: [WEB-20031017.3f3c90] Message to Darwin
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003, 08:52:10 -0800
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Date and Time: Friday, October 17, 2003, 08:52 PST
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  I came across your website by chance and frankly was quite disturbed by what you have posted here.
  I am a Christian, have been my entire life.  My parents and all of my relatives are too.  Same with my husband and his family.  I am writing this in response to your article titled "Alpha Ministries Critique".
  Yes, as Christians we believe that we will join God in Heaven and have Eternal Life when we die.  However, that is not the sole reason for our belief.  We were created by God and will return to his side if we trust and believe in him and share his word with others.
  'Meeting your maker' is not necessarily immediately following death.  This could mean Judgement Day, which could be any time when Jesus returns.  This time frame is not something you can calculate with earthly methods.  For a day to God is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day.  So, who knows when these events will occur.  But I assure you that they will occur.
  The Trinity is not meant to be understood.  Our human minds and limitations cannot fathom such a thing.  Not everything has concrete scientific proof.
  Believers or Christians, are not "bindly" acccepting the faith of our ancestors.  We study, learn and grow in our beliefs just as athiest do in their beliefs.  You call yourself the "Athiest Messiah".  If you're an athiest why are you associating yourself with the term Messiah, which is clearly a biblical term?  Seems a little funny if you ask me.
  Christians are not all bigots and racists.  Sure some are, but so are some people of every race, background and belief.  Racism is highly overused and is a misused term in my opinion.  As christians we are taught to hate the SIN and not the sinner. 
  Your comment that "Believers do not have the wherewithall to realize they are being taken" is an extremely ignorant comment.  You insinuate that we are all stupid people following God like a herd of animals.  I assure you we are not.  We are intelligent, educated people who study our faith and discuss it, not just blindly accept it. 
  We are also not blindly handing our money over to the "authorities" of our religious organizations.  Those "authorities" are put in place by the people of the church and are voted in.  They also develop a budget each year and present it to the congregation for approval.  Much like companies and businesses.  We also give money to different charities and causes such as starving people in third world countries, the homeless, pregnant women/girls who have no one to turn to, abused women and a multitude of other causes.  As for extortion cases they are few and far between and I'm sure they happen in atheist organizations as well.  There is certainly more extortion outside of the church than in it.
  As for rape and abuse issues, it is unfortuate and horrific that it happens at all, especially in the church because we clearly teach against such things.  But things do happen, and those people are sinners, who need to get help.  This happens way more often outside of the church communtity, such as coaches, teachers, employers etc.  At least you should provide that sort of information in your articles as well.  It's one thing to point the finger but you should include all those who are doing it.
  My last point is when you stated that Religion is a crime.  If Religion is a crime, then atheism is a crime as well.  If it is a crime to have a belief system and moral values, then you are as much a criminal as those you speak against. 
  Thank you for taking the time to read this email.  Feel free to respond.
  Sincerely, Rachel.