Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 19:18:59 EDT
Subject: Comment on your web page...
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       It seems that you yourself have not taken the time to actually READ the Bible.  In the entirety of the Bible, there are no contradictions, there are scientific truths revealed much before the people of the time were able to determine them, and there are many things that are not meant literally.  God does not have to meet with everyone one at a time, as you discuss in your critique page, He is a supreme being capable of being everywhere at the same time.  He knows all of our hearts, can hear all of our prayers, etc., all at the same time.  Also, the concept of Jesus' death NOT being a sacrifice is a false one!  It is true that God is capable of creating everything, but if He were to create another offspring, it would void His promise and make the symbol of His love obsolete.  He gave mankind a second chance (the first one being the Old Law, discussed in the Old Testament) by giving His only son, Jesus, to die as the supreme sacrifice for our sins, as opposed to the Old Law's custom of sacrificing animals for forgiveness of our sins.  God makes it so easy for us to accept His new covenant with us by hearing the Word, believing it, confessing that we are sinners, repenting of those sins, and being baptized.  It is true that no human is free of sin, because we are too weak to resist every temptation that we face, however, we are told to try not to sin, and not indulge in it knowingly.  When we do sin after becoming Christians, it is God's grace that covers our sins.  We only recieve this grace however, by acknowledging the fact that we have sinned and asking for forgiveness.
       As far as your observations of 'religious leaders' being so sinful, remember that they too are only human. Also, you made reference to the Pope.  The Pope and the Catholic Church ARE NOT in accordance to God's Word.  It is true that the Catholic religion claims to follow the same God of the Bible, but the Catholic church has taken it upon itself to make several amendmants to the Bible that change the meaning of many of God's teachings and contradict many of them.  God tells man not to add or take away from His Word, but the Catholic Church, and many other religions, do, which is sinful.  You may say, "well, every religion thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong," which in some cases is very true.  The only way to make sure that you are adhering to God's word is to study it for yourself and not jus go by what a religious leader or other people say.  Evangalism is a very strong tool in the spreading of God's kingdom, but any person with intelligence would check for themselves to see if they are told the truth.  God tells us to do this, and tells us that we have His Word so there can be no mistakes about His will.
       My apologies for not citing specific scriptures, but at the moment I am pressed for time.  I will be happy to e-mail you again with the specific scriptures which i have talked about or referred to in this letter.  I welcome any quarries you might have, but realize that you may not even care to learn the truth.  My challenge to you is to back up what you have said.  If you consider yourself above God's word and think that it's just a joke, PROVE IT.  I garuntee that you will fail if you honestly commit your time to the matter.  Please get back in touch with me, I am eager to hear more of your thoughts and share more of God's Word.  If you are so confident in your claims, you should have no reason to avoid my invitation.