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wow, i dont even know why i'm doin this. but please read all of it. i don't want to smash you or yell at you for what you are doin...even though i'd love to. but my gut feelin or my conscience is tellin me that it's not right.. and because jesus never smashed anyone or done anythin like that. i don't know what made you want to make this site.. or what drove you to be so against god....i'm not talking about religion.. but god. please tell me what gave you the drive...and the hate against such a loving god. have you even read all the bible?or even a few chapters and really been open to what he would say to you through his word.... or have you just gone by what people have written up about him.... the theories of jesus christ....see, we had theories too, about apes.... do you really want to believe that we evolved from a minor species... actually they think we evolved from a small bacteria cell or somethin.  but hey i seriosuly just want to hear how this all started in your mind..or heart.  please write me back... i'm curious.
i'm 17 years old.... im not even really close with god right now.. but i still beleive in him... and i know he's always lovin me and there for me... even after i screw up all the time. and i promise i won't go tellin everyone about what you email me

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