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  Erik Bergseng


  I came to this site to gain some sort of an idea of what athiesm is really about. I have friends who are athiests who always critisize and mock me for following the ways of god. Although they know nothing of the bible, i wished to rid my ignorance of
the ways of athiesm, to see what your beliefs and morals are, and also because it is part of christianity to tolerate other religions, something i can see you are purely lacking from the banners on this site.
  I have one question to you, and that is, do you think the morals of the christian church are wrong? Morals like, thou shall not murder? Thou shall honor thy father and thy mother? Thou shall not commit adultery? Thou shall not steal, and so on? I say
this because you think christianity is trash, in a very litteral sense from the banners on your site. I believe those morals are not trash. And if they are trash, what morals do you believe would benifit human kind to follow?
  I do not see how my god is responsible for the assumed 3000 dead from September 11. If you are blaming the acts of terroism on the christian church, i would really like to know on what basis.
  I read your definition of atheism, and it sounds like a reasonable religion, and one that has good basis in a developing world such as ours. However, to disrespect christianity, and any religion at all in the way you have, and show no tolerance what s
o ever, is another thing.
  For arguements sake, lets say god does not exsist like you say he does not, and that everything about christianity is absoulte trash. I will challenge YOU on your OWN ground, and you try to prove me wrong. I bet my all that you won't.
  The morals which revolve around christianity are invaluable in themself. If EVERYONE TRULY had complete faith in the christian religion and followed what the bible said, there would be no murders, no one would steal anything, no one would commit adult
ery, everyone would treat each other with respect and courtesy. Everything pure and good would fall into place. How can you say that this religion is trash? We would not even need police officers, because everyone would respect one another and not harm
one another. Don't think this is a far fetched statement and not true, because these are the teachings of god, and if everyone truly believed in them, this is how it would be. Even if god does not exsist, his teachings would improve this world beyond be
  Another point, is that would you rather believe that once you are dead, thats it? That there is no afterlife? That you won't meet loved ones again? I am not afraid to die, because i know that i have followed the ways of the lord as much as i possibly
could. I have faith and hope in god. What faith and hope do you have, believing that once you die, you will just experience nothing at all? I don't find that thought at all comforting.
  I do believe that the religion that you follow, athiesm, does have respectful points about it, but i do pray you get rid of the disgusting and disrespectful aura you have projected for your religion. Be respectful of others, and i would imagine you wo
uld gain alot more followers that you currently have.
  By the way i want answers to my questions, which i know you will be very hard pressed trying to answer. If you don't answer, or your answers sway from the questions I have asked, then you must take down those banners on your site. If you can attempt t
o convince me everything about christianity is trash, like you proclaim it to be, and that even having faith and hope is useless, and the morals it supports are useless, then i will become an athiest.