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Subject: The Simplicity of Existence

I will need to reread this article many times before I can say much of anything intelligent about it as there are many concepts to think about. I did note somethings that I thought I would give you some feedback on.

"If the entire universe was once nothing but empty space then there would have been nothing else either -- no waves, no fields, no spirits, no beings, no anything."

From my limited understanding of modern cosmology, it is not generally believed that there was a time of empty space. Space and time are to have come into existence and expanded rapidly. From what I have read, many physicists calculate that the sum of all matter and energy in the universe (including the estimate of dark mater by gravitational influences) would neatly match the negative side of the ledger, represented by the loss of energy that would have been needed to separate the matter and energy against gravity. It would mean that creation ex nihilo (my Latin spelling is suspect) would not require any investment in energy by a god or natural processes.

As far as why there were laws of physics that allow for such an event, an emergence of existence, there is only speculation. This leads to another question: Why is there an existent universe with space and time and not just nothing? It seems more probable to the human mind that there should be nothing unless there is a preceding cause (God or an infinite course of events). But probability is dependent on time. Before the existence of time you can not meaningfully say that an event has low odds of occurring because you can always frame a probability as "in a certain period of time, event x can be expected to happen only y number of times.

However you can ask, "Is it logically consistent that an existence (or causative agent of existence like God or fairies) could manifest itself especially in a way that could permit intelligent life?" We know the answer to that is yes because we are here. (if pre-big bang reality had more than one dimension of time there would not need to be a first cause - a string has a beginning and an end but a loop does not - God or the Universe could be self-creating) But you could then ask, "How would the beings in a 'possible universe' differ from those in an 'actual universe'?" They would not. There is no experiment that can determine if we are real or just possible. Damn. 

Since quantum mechanics shows properties of existence to be counter-intuitive (positional existence is mixed with the momentum existence - smaller spaces and times show greater uncertainty of how much energy exists there and then - two slit experiments show that a particle can interfere with its own position to alter the probability of it existing at certain parts of the pattern) maybe existence and nonexistence are just single faces of one reality.

I hope not though. It will mean I will have to shave my head and wear a yellow robe.