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Subject: [WEB-20040403.b673d8] Message to Darwin
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  lauren klassen


  Dear: mr.
  Why is your place to tell poeple what to believe?
  this is obviously not a site of love if it was you would treat this equally, another point you are part of your point that religion is the most fought over thing....what are you doing with this website? causing controversey. maybe this one thing helps people get through the day and keep living. leave them alone. i don't agree with christian shoving diown poepls throat but your doing the same thing with this page shoving your idea down pepoples throat. if you want to be hard hitting try another method, and your an obviously an immature man if you can't accewpt the fact it is not gods fault it is the peoples fault. we choose to do the fighting. i am piositive god does not want us to fight over this at all. we choose to do what we do, we have our own brains, it is man kinds stupidity. And if this is something that helps people be the best they can be leave it, justlike buddism ect. not that i agree with anything like that, i am a christian and if it was not for my faith i wou!
 ld be lost, faith is what people going a hope for something new. so i am praying for you sir, i don't care if your an athiest or not. i am not rubbing it in your face an di am not going to pray that you wil convert, i will pray for your well being.well have a good day and thank you for your time.