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  James Howe


  Ok I get the point. You hate religion. Now, if we're all un-enlightened fools wallowing in this 'nonsense', then, as a respectful atheist, wouldn't you try to help us instead of stating that our systems of belief are loads of crap? At least my religion encompasses compassion and tolerance for those of other beliefs. Whether or not "God is just pretend", or whether Jesus is or isn't the messiah, religious morales are the some of the main focuses. They teach human decency, and even if you nullify God, Jesus, and all other spiritual figures, aren't human decency, compassion, charity, and love important parts of our lives? Many Atheists have no moral boundaries, and nothing is stopping them from killing people, comitting adultery, and comitting many other 'sins' except the force of the law. Even if all religion is false, at least we're MORALLY ENLIGHTENED! Try reading the Bible before saying He does not exist. And if you have already, read it again with a *positive* state of mind, as opposed to a critical one. I guarantee it will make a big difference