From: R******
Subject: In response to Christian industry survival
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 16:08:02 +0000

Dear Sir,
    I recently picked up several of your flyers from the courtyard of our church and took the time to read one of them.  I was interested in your view but i think that you may be a little off track.  You place extreme stres s on the removal of God from the church but in truth that would be impossible due to the fact that without God there is no Church.  There is no point in showing up for church on sunday or any other day if there is no God, why waste your time.  So i f you are worried about the church modernizing don't be because it is not just a building or a group of people.
Secondly, God is outside of time and space, he does not need to modernize with the times, he is unchanging as are his laws of right and wrong and the salvation and grace that christ brings.  They do not need to change with the time when t hey are outside of time. 
Third in response to your comment on the acceptance of abortion, birth control, same-sex marriages, (you forgot premarital sex in general).  The church views all of these as wrong and if you would read much of the bible you would see that thes e things sit right beside other sins such as murder, rape, dishonesty, lust, jealousy, idolatry, greed, ect.  However, that does not mean that one cannot be saved from sin.  Nor does it mean that the church is to hate people that commit sin.&n bsp; Especially since we all sin, even believers in christ (especially believers in christ).  It means that we are to hate the sin itself but we must love the sinner, as christ has loved and forgiven us.
I was most troubled by your view that public opinion is the "ultimate authority."  I don't know about you but if public opinion on right and wrong is the ultimate authority i might be a little worried about my life.  What is to say that p ublic opinion might not pull a "lord of the flies" routine stating that only the strongest will survive.  If sin slowly becomes good in the eyes of the general public and they are controlling the law then what is to stop murder, rape, and heinous c rimes today from becoming completely acceptable tomorrow?  I would be pretty worried if i were you.
Finally, I would just like to conclude with the fact that you are probably very intelligent and as a result have come up with an argument to every single one of my points already.  Yet, that is not my point in writing you, my point is to show you that you are loved by a very real, true and living God.  Most people would and did just throw out your papers and i can understand their reaction.  I just wanted to show you that you are loved and that I am praying that God would reveal hi mself to you in a very supernatural way as to remove any doubt from your mind.  I know that words don't mean much.  It says in the bible that faith without deeds is meaningless,  which means that actions speak louder than words.  Arguing never solved anything, so i wont argue any more, i will pray, i will hope and i will love because God is love.
         Summer Youth Intern,
         Part Time Janitor
PS sorry about the spelling mistakes i didn't have spell check.