Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 02:10:40 -0700
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: hey

OH! that's what I am going to experience in Hell. And how old are you, you brainwashed twit.

Darwin Bedford

At 08:45 PM 7/24/02 -0400, you wrote:
hey darwin!
    yeah ummm just o tell you. your website is all false. God friggin made
you alritre?? without him you wouldnt be here rite now making stupid
websites. you know what??? you are goign to go to hell. so you know where
that is??? it is a place. a dark place set apart from GOD!!! you are going to
be burning in hell for eternity while christians are up in heaven praising
GOD for eternity. you of little faith are going to get burned and burned for
everr! do you want me to tell you what happens in hell. ok........ for
example people they get hung on a cross. just like jesus did. they get huge
nails put into their hands and feet. and you hang. and heres the best part
vutures come and peck your eyeballs out. then you die. you wake up and the
same thing over and over agian. i just want to say i feel soooo bad for you.
youa re goign to die and go to hell. good luck my friend. have a nice time
with satan dont worry abou me ill be up in heaven chilling with GOD the one
who made me. oh yeah god made only one son to show everyone how much he loved
the world. if he made more then there wouldnt be the religion called today
christianity. well have a nice time in hell! byebye