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From: Daniel Harris <>
Subject: Comments regarding web site
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 20:36:48 -0500
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To whom it may concern,

I usually don't waste my time defending Christ or George Bush's philosophies or beliefs,  but in this case Darwin Bedford has the most ignorant and embarrassing web site that I've come across in awhile.

Since Darwin has so much to say about George Bush and his creator, here are some of my comments regarding the site:

List of Similarities Between Darwin and George:

- Both have a belief system: Atheism (Darwin) and Christianity (George)
- Both are claiming to be knowledgeable leaders: Messiah (Darwin) and U.S. President (George)
- Both are uneducated in grammar/using immature vulgar language: Fuck (Darwin) and "isms" (George)
- Both want to kill someone/something: Jesus/God (Darwin) and Terrorists/rebels (George)
- Both offer a solution that includes death and fighting

After reviewing, why would anyone want to listen to Darwin or George's ideas and revelations?

The red "wanted: dead or alive" ad almost portrays God has a protector of the September 11th terrorism. Why does blame God for an act of terrorism committed by humans? Where does it say in the Bible that God will deflect planes from buildings? Why would God protect us in North America when we have the right and means to protect themselves? After September 11th, the American Government pored millions of dollars into their internal defense system. It seems that the American government was forced to protect themselves from internal terrorist attacks. Money-hungry humans will not spend extra money if they don't have to.

Instead of concentrating all of the debates and/or discussions around sin-prone and/or imperfect human religious leaders, why not debates and/or discuss on Jesus' actions and words? Darwin should read the Bible without prejudist, stubborn and selfish attitudes and maybe he might realize that Jesus Christ did some incredible acts of Love and not destruction. Anyone can argue whether or not that the New Testament's recordings where valid. Instead of written validation maybe someone can invent a time machine, we will all record Jesus' ventures with a camcorder. Even with solid evidence people will argue the facts in pure ignorance.

I guess my last question is: If Darwin does not like "God's world", then why are you here? The self absorbing "Messiah" title sounds like you want to be the "savior" of man, freeing them from "Religious" teachings. Without "religious" teachings what does Darwin suggest for the laws of man? Without guidelines or laws from the Bible, were would our society be? I would suggest that Darwin move to a country (ie: Some African Countries) were men with little/no religious influence rule the land. War, selfishness and poverty usually dominates leaving little/no freedom for the inhabitants. Darwin's Bedford's philosophical words of spiritual freedom would most likely be cut short from a blade and/or bullet.

Instead of trying to bring down a "Religious" system, why not look into the selfish acts and destruction from humans.  If Jesus did return, I'm sure humans like Darwin Bedford would kill him again. I dread the day when humans live by Darwin Bedford's hate-filled "Spiritual Reality".

Best Regards,

Daniel Harris

p.s. Darwin Bedford does not have to reply to this email. I am not seeking an argument.