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Dear Darwin,
Thanks for your thoughtful response.  Here's mine for your further consideration:
1.  You make reference to a "universal golden rule"!  Is there such a thing?  My reading of history and culture around the world would indicate otherwise.  Two examples - the almost universal Islamic practice of the oppression of women, and the well nigh universal practice of wars of conquest for reasons of gold or glory.  I see the universal rule of sinfulness (as described in the Bible) prevailing.
2.  Do I imply anything about the decent people of British Colombia? Not intentionally.  Rather I would suggest that you engaged in a rather obvious dodge of my point!  My contention restated is this - the lesson of 75 years of unbridled, state sponsored athiestic and materialistic communism in the Soviet Union is that such a system(ruling philosophy of life) is totally unsatisfying to the basic (God designed) needs of the human heart, AND unleashed a reign of terror unparalled in history.  Take a look at North Korea today, the one remaining vestige of that same system, and we observe the identical failings perpetuated.  Is this similarity accidental, or symptomatic of the same deep systemic failures at work?  To me the answer is abundantly clear.  Wherever materialistic humanism has obtained control of the field, the "game" ends in moral and social disaster.  Name an exception!
3. Where ever I look in history and find a decent, ethically virtuous society that espouses  the nobility of mankind (including women and children), as well as the related personal freedoms of thought, political debate, and religious expression - there I find the  hand (often unseen until much later) of the God of the Bible and usually the overtly proclaimed teachings of Jesus Christ!  I have read a fair amount of evolutionary literature over the last 40 years, and have yet to find any intelligent, logical explanation for the naturalistic development of lofty principles for compassionate living like the golden rule.  Rather, what I find is the likes of the Nazi dictum of "survival of the fittest" - the logical outcome of a view of humanity as "the human animal" - the product of blind chance in an unfeeling, uncaring universe.  A cold concept with chilling outcomes.
4.  I read recently this proverb, which happens to have roots in the Bible - people become like the gods they worship!  Worth pondering!  If this is true, what would be the expected outcome of (1)worshippers of Jesus Christ, (2)worshippers of evolutionary naturalism, (3)worshippers of sticks and stones (animism), or (4)worshippers of the multi-limbed hideous gods of Hinduism.  Outcomes as expected! 
So, with good reason I choose to worship and follow Jesus Christ, hoping and trusting that in the process, I might become more and more like him. I still have a long way to go, but the journey is worth every bit of struggle, and the outcome, very satisfying deep within, as well as in my relationships.
Have a great day.  Did I wish you a wonderful New Year?  Please do have.
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Dear Don B********,

Let us first differentiate the good done from following the universally-true golden rule that enables social animals such as ourselves to form successful communities--from the supernatural claims of religious "teachings".  Whether these people thought they were acting on behalf, or in alignment with Jesus's wishes is neither here nor there.  People want/need to do good for others.  In British Columbia--and the figure is similar for Washington state, a full one third of the population claim to be absent of religion and half of these people are in fact atheists.  Are you implying that if these people formed the majority of the population that there would be a "nightmare of bondage, social and economic decay and despair"?

The sooner that religion is segregated from moral upbringing and self-development the more fuller lives people will live and the more humanity with achieve on the whole.

And besides, all religions teach that the truth is of utmost importance.  I happen to agree with this and this is why I cannot follow religious beliefs that include supernatural claims that I have reasoned that cannot be true.

Darwin Bedford

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  Don B********

  Dear Darwin,
  I have never seen your website before, nonetheless I feel constrained to respond to your polemic above.
  Your very bald, unsubstantiated and sweeping dismissal of the good done by religious organizations causes me to wonder what is the source of all that bias and bitterness. Certainly there have been abuses that betray the founding principles taught and practiced by Jesus Christ. But to deny or ignore the benefits bestowed upon humanity by the decent, true and selfless followers of Jesus through the centuries - giants of science like Robert Boyle, Newton, Pascale; caregivers like Florence Nightengale and Mother Teresa, those who brought gracious social reform like William Booth of the Salvation Army, Wilberforce who championed the end of slavery; founders of great hospitals, universities - the list is endless.  Our freedom of speech and the concept of the dignity of the human person and the high value of individual life, where did that originate?  With the humanism of the French Revolution?  In the workers paridise called the Soviet Union?  I urge you to rethink the causes of the demise of the Communist block.  In that structure we have a case study of 75 years of state empowered atheistic teaching enforced by the unlimited power of totalitarianism.  The result? A nightmare of bondage, social and economic decay and despair.
  What other conclusion can be reached than that athiestic humanism totally fails to satisfy the needs of the human heart and mind.
  I have found that becoming a follower of Jesus Christ has done all that and more!
  I would be interested in your thoughts by way of response
  Have a good New Year.