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  Robert Goldie


  The reason religion exists is the fear of our own existince and death.Cursed/blessed with consciousness man is unable to comprehend the true meaning of his own existince or death so since the dawn of human consciousness man has been filling in the gap
s using religion.As a catholic and going to a catholic school for many years i didnt understand even from a very early age why the teachers would bamboozle us with a mishmash of wierd analogies and metaphors about some guy called jesus, i found it all r
ather strange even back then,the teachers always went on about tolerance love and understanding this i found was particularly strange as most religious people i had ever met never really practiced what they preached,most were downright miserable uptight
 characters that were hypercritical of other people's  behaviour.Recently at my mothers funeral i was talking to a local priest that had just done the service,i said that religion is shit and that humans are ruled by thier root primordial animal instict
s.I posed a hypothetical question that if elephants suddenly developed the power of conscious thought tommorrow without the influence of religion does that mean they would all be having drunken anal sex with thier brothers and killing each other just fo
r a bit of fun!lets just say he was rather stumped,looking at his raised eyebrow as he munched a buttered scone i told him that the film "Bill & Ted's exellent adventure" had a far more inspiring message to give to most people than any shitty bible,lets
 say he thought i must have been retarded as i spoke the words "Be exellent to one other".Religion is a man made sickness,follow your heart not some bullshit book.Religion is about power and subjugation fuck it all to hell...oh! wait hell isnt real and
only exists as a christian guilt device.