From: "Deborah"
To: <>
Subject: truth
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 13:51:58 -0500

Hello Darwin,
I have to admit I agree with you that God has allowed almost 3000 people to die. I'm wondering if you are able to answer this question for me: If you had proof that there is a God, would you be willing to serve him? I'm just wondering, because I think first before we get angry at a "creator" for things that happen to us on this earth, we should really try to explore if he really is a fault or not. For instance, do you think it was God or Man who wars against each other? Is God involved in Man's religious wars? I'm just wondering if all religions can really claim to be the truth, then one right one must be the winner, after all, there can only be one truth, can't there? Unless people call upon the one true God, they are hopeless to really come out of it, because he states in his inspired book that those who believe, will be saved. But obviously you'd have to believe on the correct thing, not some sort of false thing, right?
 Another thing I agree with is your T-shirt illustrating that you are throwing away a cross. I like that, because of my own research on the origins of the cross. It's just like a rainbow was supposed to symbolize the covenant God made with man that he'd never destroy the earth by a flood, man has taken it and used it to symbolize something for himself, such as gay and lesbianism. The cross has a different story. Have you ever heard of the tower of Babel? I think if you really are a firm believer in cause and effect, you'll be able to understand how people bring their religious practices with them wherever they go. And this has prooven to be true in history. Babylon was a pagan kingdom, the cross comes from the first "trinity" recorded in pagan history. The concept of "trinity" comes from Tammuz, which is someone also mentionned in the Bible, but there's more recorded about Tummuz in history books than the bible. Tammuz was an ancient deity, who was the offspring of Nimrod, the founder of Babylonian civilization. Nimrod was considered to be someone mighty, and if you research Nimrod, you'll find he was the founder of Babel, and Assyria. He established a few cities, one was Ninevah. This is something you'll most defintely find architectural evidence to supporrt it. anyway, when Nimrod passed away, his wife was with child, and the nations held him to be so mighty, they deemed him to be a deity! His wife thought that because she was with child when he died, that he must be reincarnated into that child. So when she bore Tammuz, he was treated like a God, the reincarnation of his father. such rubbish! And the "T" for Tammuz, was passed down throughout pagan religions, as the cross, T's were written like a cross at that time, which represented deity. Facinating eh? What's more facinating, because paganism came from Judaism, then later, about the time when Christ came around, there was so much similarity between the 2 that paganism easily mixed with straying Christianity, and the cross then was adopted as a "christian" belief, and "trinity" was superimposed over "true" Christianity. the difference between real Christianity and pagan religions is actually, the Jewish belief, is that there really is only one God. Christ isn't really God, Mary was just a handmaid, very little was mentionned about her anyway in scripture. The truth is very hard for people to accept. Muslim beief is actually based on Mohammad's writings. He decided that the Jewish people weren't practicing their own belief very well, so he decided to write a bible that enforced the bible,  but it really isn't exactly the bible at all, it's actually pretty far from "God" inspired. the concepts are totally different, even though it tries sound the same or equal to it. you can tell a man wrote this book, it's not the same type of writing that god would write, in fact...if you read the bible, can you imagine any person writing like that? People just don't write like that.
we have all these religions warring that they are the "truth" yet how many people really seek God to find out who he really is?
One other question, this is more rhetorical. If God created the universe, what does he really need man for? Why would something so omnipotent decide that it needs something as frail and as primitive as us? the fact is, we can't really pinpoint that religion itself is the sole cause of all man's problems, especially when most religion is created by MAN. If man created 99% of the religions out there, then really isn't MAN that is creating all the problems on this earth. Right, wouldn't you think? You can get rid of religion, but can you really get rid of God? you see, in order to get rid of God, you'd actually have to get rid of the Bible. an easy task it may seem, but if you look in history, countless times rulers and people have made full attempts to destroy the bible! The Catholic church tried burning bibles when people started believing in the "truth" and not Catholicism! they banned the bible from the ordinary person to read it, and they would be killed if they were caught with one. In present times, the Catholic church likes to teach it's believers that the book itself is so holy, unless you are a priest, you cna't "touch" it. If you touch it, you are doing something evil. the church, whatever religion you wanted to call it, anything trinity and Christian mixed (anglican, protestant) persecuted people the same way the pagans murdered and persecuted Christians for believing in Christ! This can only be explained in one way, Catholism is false religion, and all her daughters, everything from Mormon, to Seveth Day adventist, to anglican, to Mennonite, all these relgions have the same things in Common: Christian belief mixed with hell and heaven belief, Satan, immortal souls, and trinity. All with their own little twists. And Paganism is just pure manmade, Gods carved from rocks and stone. Real a reconciliation with God like the greek word "religio" means, would mean, we have to be trying to wroship God how God wants. god doesn't accept false worship any more than he could accept Cains offering. We all can make our attempts at offering what we want as our form of worship, anything that makes us happy, but God won't be happy until we do it his way. We can reconcile with a father who loves us by rebelling against him, lying about who he is either! that's really just Paganism under the titleship of Christianity! In fact, if you look it up, Constantine was a pagan all his life except right twoards the end of his life he converted, for his kingdom's sake, not that he really believed it. He was the one who formally deemed Christianity as the state religion, but he completely mixed it with paganism, to keep his kingdom together. Because the truth is, there was a large amount of pagans at that time. he wanted a united Kingdom. And it makes sense doesn't it? the pagans were good followers of Plato, his invention of floating souls, his invention of demons and devils and things floating sround. That was all incorporated into Christianity, as well as the Babylonian and Egyptian  ideas of afterlife. It says in the bible, when someone dies, their thoughts perish. clearly. they become as dust of the ground. and Satan is translated as "adversary" for instance, Christ is your Satan, isn't he? Demons were illness, and devils were greeks words for "sin". If you read the scriptures and plugs in the actually proper translation of those words, you'd find, the scripture all the sudden makes much more sense!
Isn't this all interesting? I all amounts to a Kingdom that has passed on a pagan philosophy, and used the popular Christianity as a vehicle towards, controlling people, and towards turning people away from god! Just like you, you have turned away from god, because all the lies have turmned you off, and now you really don't feel any desire to seek God, right? you are against the whole thing.
Yet the bible is very contrary to pagan and popular Christian beliefs, and it takes some actual effort on the part of the person to learn the truth. Not many people read the scriptures right. some just wnat to feel good, some do it as a duty, some like it as a scholarly pastime, many superimpose their beliefs on it and ignore the context it is written. They ignore the golden thread that rus right through it. Some are partial inspriationalists, they really don't accept that it really is God's Word! that it's just some nice little storybook.Yet, it's all very simple, I can tell you who can know the truth and who can't. It's simple. Test this for yourself: if you really want the truth, and are willing to reap the benefits of God's truth, which is righteous rulership, peace, and no more death in the future age, the rule over the nations, if you really want to learn about a righteous Kingdom that will be established, then God says clearly, if you pray for it, and want it, you'll find it, he'll give it to you. But if you are happy being vexed by the world, of how man has used his evil greed to manipulate minds to believe nonsense, the truth is, humanism and athesim is brainwash. But God's word is also brainwash too, he admist it, he says to wash yourself with his word so that you can be made clean! Because his words are pure, and he doesn't lie. He will destrroy all those who believe in a lie, because the truth is, those who believe in lies by nature like to be decieved, they are given over to grande illusions because they want to be evil.
The invention of Atheism, and evolutionism and all things that try to overthrow a God, aren't they not geared towards Man serving himself, and man pleasing himself and pleasuring himself? Aren't they geared towards man not needing a god, and man being his own god? answering to himslef? Man finds great pleasure in all kinds of evil things, with or without a belief in a God. And if evil is considered to be good, then it must be just groovy that man enjoys killing, polluting the earth, man enjoys making himself better and richer than others and oppresses others to get that, man loves to fornicate, he loves weird sexual practices that are totally inconvenient, causing all kinds of family divisions and problems, and fully contributing to disease. In Africa, for instance, could there be any link between aids and their bigamy and polygamy? Africa has the largest aids problem in the entire world, and they won't even treat it either. It's totally out of control. I wonder if it's just coincidence, or do you think that maybe it's a truth that multiple sexual parteners is a good vehicle for aids? If God was the one who established the law that we should not commit adultery, or fornication, perhaps there is some real wisdom in this afterall, that man is just not bright enough to see!
And so maybe we really do need a God, but certainly if we don't listen to him, we can't really blame him can we? If man realizes that God instructed things such as "don't murder" or "don't gossip" or all those hurtful things people do, how can we blame God for what WE DO?
to fight a war in the name of God, is complete blasphemy. Because God doens't need us to fight wars for him. When God decides to humble the nations, and when he decides to destroy all evil, he says in his scriptures that he only takes a remnant to fulfill the task. He takes the weak things on this earth to conquer the great things. man can gather his armies to the threshingfloor where he will mass murder himself! God used little David, not Goliath. and this is how God shows his glory. Because you can't see the power of God in man's inventions, and man's armies, and man's multiple false religions. all you see is sadness and destruction.
I think if it's true that the Bible is correct, that is it the word of God, then God really is not making us believe anything. Really conversion of the heart comes from knowledge, understanding, and then can we only believe anything. We gotta put the pieces together in our own minds in order to believe something, don't we? If you believe everything people tell you, without testing it, your bound to get hurt by it. People are all out for themselves, even the nicest people in the whole world have a selfishness streak in them. We can't trust Man to decide what the truth is, and man to tell us what God says, and man to forgive our sins, and man to establish himself as God on EARTH! Who is God? He is who he is. Man can't by himself become like him. WE should not put our trust in our friends, or even princes! And that's what God tells us to do. He says not to put your trust, because, what can man do, save you, if he perishes too?!! 
If someone is really needing to know what the truth is, and really give it a go, they will look, and they will find it. the Bible says "there's only one interpretation". that's would be God's interpretation, and no other. God himself teaches it in his bible, and the Bible prooves and teaches itself. But there is a catch in there, it's a total mystery to those who really aren't willing to serve God if they learn what God wants, who he is. And those who don't really want to know, who are happy with their earthly destructie pleasures, die without knowing, die without any chance of life. Like trrees and plants would die if they had no sunlight, without light, the light of God's word, there is no life.
See God has given us free will. He never forced us to believe anything. Man has forced man to believe all kinds of things, but God never forced anything. He sits there in quiet assurance, and watches, until His appointed time, the time when man has gotta to a state of not being able to save himself, to a state where everything is faling apart, where he can't do anything anymore and he is comepletely helpless. THEN people call on God. then people realize they can't save themselves. and that's what will happen to the Jewish people, God's chosen people who never obeyed their God properly, God will use that little nation, to bring about his glory. and the people will recognize their real Messiah, and accept him. They will weep. Because they will repent of what they did, to their brother, being jealous of him because he was more wise thean the cheif priests and scribes and Pharasees, they were jealous because they knew he ruled over them, they knew he was the son of God, and somehow they thought if they got rid of him, they would be able to retain their position, demanding the death of Christ! Just Like Josephs brothers tried to rid him, The Jewish people tried to rid their brother. But when they see him, when they recognize him, they will repent. God will save the Jewish people, after 3/4 of them will be killed. this is the remnant. and he is using them so that the world will recognize him. Because when Christ comes, Christ will come in wrath, he will coe in like a lion, so overthrow false religion, to overthrow governements, and establish righteous peaceful rulership.
But how can the world learn all this if god doesn't allow the suffering? Sin is what brings suffering and sin is what brings death. and the light of god's words brings life.
We really deserve to die if we don't care to find out how to live. If we aren't at all interested. If God promises eternal life in bliss to those who seek him, in paradise, what do we really have to loose? Or what's Christ's apostles said "whom else shall we follow?" It's because, when you have the ultimate truth, you need not search any longer, there is no where else to go, except to peace and happiness. you ahve no more anger, no more strife, you feel peaceful. Peaceful knowing that you have a hope, the hope of Israel.
The world can't offer eternal life. The Pope who calls himself god "holy father" is dying. Should I trust a man who is dying a shameful death?
you see, there's one big problem on this earth, that is man's folly, and within man's folly, there is tons of false worship of false God's that can't help anyone. and under these false God's are people who believe in "sinning" in order to assert their own beliefs. Does this make any sense to you? Sin so that grace may abound? War so that we can have peace? Lie so that we can have truth? Just like we can expect an olive tree to grrow olives, we can expect war to grow more war! If man doesn't learn the ways of peace, that sin is within himself, his nature, his ability to fix with god's help, then basically we can expect more sin, more pain. God is not the creator of sin! Man created sin! God can create evil, but God can't sin! How can someone with pure righteouness who does everything he promises sin? Man sins against himself, and against God, and no man can forgive him, except if he sinned against a man, and that man forgave him.
Man is hurting himself, and man won't change. He needs to be jolted. and he will be, because capitolism only has a certain lifespan, and technology can only advance as far as man can handle it, and chaos is setting in because things are starting to change fast all around us, leading to confusion! People don't know who or what to believe anymore.
the world is trying to establish Babel, a great tower of unity, under the Europeen federation, and under the "church".
The Church wants absolute power once again, and will get as violent and evil as it always has to get this power.
Yet one thing is certain, if you can destroy the Bible, then you have disproved the existance of God, take up the challenge if you really want to have his wrath poured on you, it will be a swift, and you'll be afraid, he promises that anyone who tried to add or take away anything from his word, swift destruction will come on him.
I don't mean like a 24 hour period, I mean, those who try to do this will experience at some point, if they don't die first anyway, God's wrath. Is it really worth it to be completely ignorant as to what the truth is before rebelling against it?
Wouldn't you rather be part of the rulership, the saints on the earth, who have no more infirmities and have eternal life in peace?
This life is really a weeding out process, a probationary period, in God's plan. He wants us all to live! but many people will not, by their own will, seek him. Instead, they decide that the absense of God is bliss, that they don't have to obey rules. But clearly we've already seen time and time again, man breaking God's rules, and hurting himself and others. It's not the removal of a god that would actually help anything. In fact, it doesn't matter if you are a Christian or not, if you believe the truth or not, bad and good things will happen to you, because it's only fair isn't it? should someone who believes in God have more privileges? If we are all in a testing phase, why should God decide to reward a few, and then curse a few others? when Judgement day comes, then the rewards and the punishments will be handed out. It's like taking a bunch of students who are in the middle of writing an exam and rewarding a few already, and then cursing a few others, before marking all the tests. the truth is, we all have trials and problems in this cursed era, god said "cursed be the ground for your sake" and that's what the earth is, cursed, don't expect bliss on a cursed earth, it can't happen, they were cursed because they sinned, and that's what Christ was put there to save us from, the curse of sin and death. and God knows how to teach us, he knows our hearts and minds. He's not giving one person any more advantage over the other, but all have equal advantage, because even a small bit of knwledge and belief is worth something, and can be a bsis for judgement, it's not how much you know, it's how much faith you have, but the fact is, out of the 3000 people who died, if there are faithful,  who God wishes to raise and judge, and find worthy of any reward, he has the power to do this, and he will.
Fear of death is minute when you have a hope. And I don't believe in all the wars and strife either!
This life is meaningless. If you really expect to get any satisfaction now, the little amount you get, without any belief in God's truth, really that's ALL you'll get, and then goodbye. All things perish.
what is truth? asked the lawyer, it was a very stupid question, because he was fully aware of what he did, but the bible recorded it. He knew what the truth was, he just didn't stand for it. and Christ knew that.