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Subject: Hey...
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 14:16:20 -0500

Hey Darwin,

I'm actually a long time fan of your site. My friend and I found it back in high school when we were forming our views on religion. I think you're a very brave and intelligent person. Combatting religious nuts isn't easy because they usually hide behind the same old b.s.

Your site has been crucial in helping us use arguments against morons in school and where we live (Ottawa). We even have tons of recordings of when we (literally over 6 of my friends and I) argue with a religious DJ here in Ottawa, who is literally insane (he's a pastor and believes the bible's every word). We even made a web site dedicated to bashing him. ( - Stop John Counsell) We haven't really updated it recently but plan to. This guy is such a nut that he even believes in exorcisms...and claims to have witnessed one.

Well, my main reason for emailing you is because I have to do a persuasive piece for my English class in University. My teacher approved me to do: 'The bible is a work of fiction.' I know there's tons of info to dispute the bible, but this piece can only be around 750 words and I wanted to know if you could direct me to the best place so that I can use only the best arguments. I really want to smoke this essay- even though my teacher is an atheist and will probably love it no matter what.

Well, sorry to bother you. I'd really appreciate hearing back from you soon.



-Ottawa, ON

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 23:26:25 -0800
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Hey...

Hi J******,

Sorry that I can't point you in the right direction about the Bible being a work of fiction.  I had a link to an article ( which explains its origin but now they want to sell it (I guess you could retrieve it from a library).

Is it ok if I post your email with only your name removed?

Darwin Bedford

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Hey Darwin,
Thanks for responding! Ya, a few of my friends and I have been going to your site for a long time. About the t-shirt- I'd love to wear one- but my friends and I were thinking of making our own a couple of months ago... I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send the logo so that we could place it on our own styles of t-shirts? That way you'd wouldn't have to pay any shipping. Would that be cool?
Did you happen to check out our Stop John Counsell site( We made it from scratch- it took a while- but it was all worth it when we one of our girlfriends to call up his radio show and just say she 'came across it.' He completely blew a fuse and now refuses to comment on the site at all.
About posting my email- could you please use **** - it's another one of my real emails. I'd just rather show that one because I really don't want so fuÁkin' religious wacko emailing me trying to convert me! LOL! Last night even, one of my girl friends and I went to see the movie Spy Game, when we came out of the theater there was a postcard with the Titanic on it stuck under my windshield. On the back it talked about religion being everyone's saviour and all that crap. We actually drove around the parking lot to see if we could find the person who was placing them....but no luck.
Great talking with you. Seriously, some of my friends and I feel like we'd get along amazing with you if you lived in Ottawa.
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 21:12:08 -0800
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Hey Darwin...

Hi Jason and friends,

Yes, I did check out your site and I applaud you guys for being so active against religious bullshit.  Attached is the t-shirt design.  Go ahead and do your thing with it.  I've been meaning to make it available for download from my site and I will do so soon.  It will make me very happy to see the throw-cross-away symbol being spread around Ottawa because of the prejudice act the feds did to me by taking 31 domain names from me--some of which were not even related to Canada specifically.  Click on the link for the story:

Darwin Bedford