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Subject: [WEB-20050204.230644] Message to Darwin
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005, 10:53:36 -0800

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  FUCK GOD, What a relief after reading your other responces.
  In the beggining God sayed, LET US MAKE MEN IN OUR IMAGE!
  Who the fuck is us? God being so GODDAMN powerful and all knowing and all doing; why the fuck would he need any help at all? If there is only ONE (1) god then why is there so many different types of religions? One god =One religion! The book of Revelations talk about gods people having his sign sealed in there foreheads. Question Isn't those that don't accept christ have the mark of the beast either on the palm of there hand or apon there foreheads? So which is it. The bible totally contradicts itself. And for the question of when is jesus to return; He says he will return in a chariot of fire. Being the son of god one would think that he would't need any type of machinary at all! God sayed he set pillars upon the earth to divide the earth from heaven...Isn't that saying space is heaven?
        Darwin I too am an athiest. But having sayed that, my beliefs and your beliefs are our beliefs alone. You can't make people believe in your beliefs. This is what makes us (the world) free, freedom of choice. Express yourself in any manner of your choosing ; this is your freedom, but let others continue as they see fit because my friend this is there choosing.
                           Ps. you sayed you need encouragement, be encouraged to accept the will of others and just be there for people in no matter what they choose.
                           Hope this helps you.........