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Hi Lisa,

Yes, I am happy, although I wish I had more money to spend.  Why do you say that awareness (that God is not real) leads to unhappiness?  The question about drugs and alcohol is more complex.  I think it depends on your career whether it is safe or wise to use drugs/alcohol.  I use both moderately.  I rarely drink hard liquor and I have not done any drugs worse than marihuana.  I think that you will find that atheists are very aware and loving people.

Darwin Bedford

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  Lisa A******

  I heard of your website from a very close friend.  She gave me a Happy Winter Solstice card and I noticed the link on the back of the card.  Well, I find you very angry, although I agree with your perception.  It's actually more reality than perception and I appreciate the bold approach.  However, I always love a good debate.  I am concerned with feeding into the description and becoming attached to an organized social grouping such as Atheism.  I indeed do live my life knowing that God is just an ornament to maintain human control and order in a Capitalist Empire, but awareness unfortunately leads to unhappiness.  I am curious as to whether or not you are happy.  Are you?  I have another question.  I was wondering how you feel about drugs and alcohol consumption.  That is all for now.  Feel free to write back.  I would enjoy a response.  Thank you.