Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 00:44:56 -0800
To: derek w******
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Do you think your any diff?

Hi Derek,

You would be right if their believing in gods did no harm to others, but it does.  They attempt to spread their belief in gods to others.  They war over it in fact.  I maintain that we can no longer allow people to think that there is a god that is in control of things.  We have to take charge now in order to assure the well being of humanity.  We all need to be on the same page with the fact that we are determining the future of the planet.  i.e., how many we allow ourselves to become; how much pollution we care to tolerate; and so forth. 

It is also unethical to stand back and allow others to brainwash someone with false knowledge that causes loss of true experience of life.  It is unlawful to watch a mother beat and cause bodily harm to her child without attempting to stop her.  I feel that the law should apply to   mental abuse as well and that's just what god-fearing brainwashing is.

I feel this way about people smoking tobacco as well.  I guess that it is ok with you that tobacco companies have their way at addicting people to nicotine all the while knowing that it will harm not only the addict (to the point of causing an earlier death), but all the inhalers of the smoke.

Frankly, as an atheist, I can't see how you can knowingly sit back and watch people get misled into fearing a god that is only hearsay and in my books you are part of the problem by taking such an attitude.

Darwin Bedford

At 11:44 PM 12/24/2002 -0800, you wrote:

  Hello darwin I am a atheist i just found your web
site checked it out and i must say you are just as bad
as jesus freaks they want us to believe in god and
won't stop till everyone does you want everyone to
stop believing in god and talk like you won't stop
till no one believes now for me the god thing makes no
sense its stupid to me but i would no more tell
someone they can't believe in god as i hope they don't
tell me i have to believe in god. Now yes i have been
looked down on by some for being a athiest but that
does not make me want to crush there way of life. I
saw the e-mails you get they are from kids that are
not sure what to believe in and you are feeding them
hate saying that the people who believe in god are bad
just like the jesus freaks say athiests are bad. You
sit there and speak the evils of god but you are
making athiests look evil if we all saw it like you do
we would be evil making heaven here on earth does not
mean crush anothers way of life it means we all come
together no matter what race we are where we come from
or what we believe. If you was a true atheist you
would not speak on crushing god you would tell other
atheists to try and help people see we are no diff
from them but from what i see of you you wish to be
diff you want to be better hell you look like you want
to be jesus himself. Now get it right being athiest
don't mean telling others are way of life is right and
all others are wrong because thats the same thing
people who worship god says being a athist means
living life to the fullist without having to believe
in a god or gods being a athist means loving yourself
and the people around you not telling them they are
wrong and saying that there way of life must be
stoped. People like you do more harm for athiests then
help them we are no diff from anyone else we live life
without having to have a god to make it full. We make
it full by believing in ourselfs not in a god. That
does not give us the right to say what is right or
what is wrong no more then believing in god gives
jesus freaks the right to say what is right and wrong.
It comes down to one thing live and let live. If they
want to worship god more power to them what athiests
should be doing is not trying to crush others way of
life what we should be doing is trying to show them
this is what we think is right just like you think god
is what is right. No matter what race we are what part
of the world we live in or what god we worship or
don't worship we are all just humans no better then
any other form of life.