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Hello Dylan,

What's the point in directing you to the myriad of Web sites that expose the falsities of the Bible -- your mind is made up.  You are only kidding yourself by saying that the Bible does not comprise a religion.

Darwin Bedford

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  i just wanted to say that i agree with you totally when you say that religion is bogus. truth is better. in my small young adult group we have been bringing in people of other religions to tell us what they're all about. so far i've heard from the mormons, catholics, and muslims. i've noticed something. they all have holes to what they believe in. or they contradict themselves without explanation. i dont consider myself religious. but i do consider myself a follower of a very real God. now i'm sure you probably hear this all the time that "it's a relationship not a religion" and i'm sure you think it's nonsense. but it's not. i am a seeker of the truth myself. i have found that there are many holes in all kinds of religions. but i have not found any in the bible. i do believe that it is divinely inspired by God and that no wrong could be found in it. if you think you can find some, go ahead and do it and i'll explain how some parts of the bible may be confusing at first and that it can be easy for some people to take it how they want to in the wrong way.  that's all. i'm sure you get emails like this all the time but i'd like to see how you respond. it would be good for our beliefs anyway. we can remind each other of why we believe what we do.