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Hi Robert,

You are mistaken, I do not hate God as there is no real gods.  I don't like people believing that God is real and I don't like people forcing god down my throat.  I don't wish to bother debating whether the existence of god can be proven or not, but I am curious as how long god was around before he created everything.  Did he have the idea to create the universe right away or did the idea not come to him for a long while?  What do you think?

Darwin Bedford

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  no junk mail, no stupidity.  If you send anything to this email, I want it to be actual conversational email about God, and why you hate him so much.  I do not believe that you can actually sit there, and build up so much hate for someone that you do
not know, or understand.  The plain truth about it is, I believe in God, and I dare you to try and prove to me otherwise (the stipulation being through actual debates, no cheap shots, and no mocking comments to make me mad....straight intellectual conversation.)
  I hope to recieve a reply.
  have a great day, and God bless