Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 07:46:21 -48000
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From: Darwin Bedford
Subject: Re: Your input?

Sorry, but I don't have the time for this.  First of all "the Bible says ..." and where in God's green Earth do crocodiles attack deer?  I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you to fend for your self.  Hope you survive.

Darwin Bedford

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I'm preparing for an argument with a creationist colleague of mine, can you punch any holes in what I have written?:
Which is correct - Creation or Evolution? The argument shouldn't be that one is right or wrong. Religious people argue against evolution, when in reality religion itself is merely a product of human evolution. On a macro scale, religion has allowed a measure of organization within human society which allows us to survive where population (and competition) have increased. Religion allows for individual rights and freedoms so long as they don't conflict with the rights of another individual. This can be viewed in micro scale within present day society where a human chooses to 'adopt' religion, or 'be born again' in an effort to maintain a lifestyle order or to successfully reintegrate into society after having being extradited for acts which conflict with the rights and freedoms of another individual. (i.e.: prison sentence for murder, theft, etc.) Morale, just behaviour has proven to be enough to survive in modern society because it has been associated mostly with religious (accepted) or 'ordered behaviour'. A human suddenly adopting religion is about as natural as a crocodile suddenly gaining a conscience and stopping to think before he attacks a deer. Now.. are those people that do not accept religion behind in the evolutionary process.. or ahead so far that they realize that only those things that religions bring (understanding, kindness, compassion, outward consideration) are necessary to survive in modern human society where religion is no longer. This whole 'follow the crowd' thinking can be applied to many situations.. you might wear the same clothes in high school as everyone else.. not because you like them.. because you realize (maybe not consciously) that deviating from the norm is not a way to succeed within human society, nor is deviation from structured religion. Religion can be lumped with any other evolutionary step.. micro/macro, human or otherwise. That said, we can survive without religion, but not without that which religion brings.
A hyena will share an individual kill with his pack, because it is in his (his entire species) best interest to survive and be fruitful... this survival behaviour is part of hyena evolution.. but instead let's call it hyena religion. To survive, Is it necessary for a hyena to _believe_ in that religion or just to act in accordance with what is accepted in hyena society?
Take a moment to think about all the people you know - is it true that of those people you know the religious ones are the most judgmental, finicky and unappreciative? Downplaying the need for religion within human society is a wasted effort, to put it simply, some people need it to survive. Their is no point in wasting precious time arguing the merits of religion.. recognize what it is (a success catalyst for those that require assistance living in our modern world), and why some people need it (or don't).
Your comments are appreciated!