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Thanks Ace for the supporting comments.  Here's another site for you to check out.  A friend of mine just sent it to me.

Darwin Bedford

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  Ace Bowers


     I am and atheist, fully and completely. Before all you bible-thumping church-going "christians" (or whatever religion you may be) start preaching to me about your "Lord And Savior," don't even bother. I have heard enough of your kind, and your stupid question "Why?" I say I'm an atheist, and what do you say "Why?" WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHY?!?! I tell you what you mean: WHY would YOU expect me to believe a book, written by no one, 4,000 years old, talking about a "man" in the clouds with omnipotent force. Don't make me laugh. That's a pathetic reason to believe anything, much less something SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far fetched. Any intellegent, self-respecting, physicist could EASILY disprove god and all his "notions" with simplistic mathematics.
    If god was everywhere, he would have infinite mass, and therefor become an infinitly large singularity, which would (relatively) slow time to a stop at the surface of the singularity. Since god is everywhere, so would the singularity created by said being, keep in mind that god is now dead having been crushed to an infinitly small point in a swirl of near light-speed plasma. Therefore, using simple physics, you can prove that god would inadvertantly destroy all of space-time.
    Theoretically, using quantum physics, a "soul" could exists, imposing small forces on our world through quantum particles. But even through this god couldn't exists still, because he would take and infinitly large (small, technically) amount of "negative energy" to will it's force here, therefore creating a negative singularity and accelerating time infinitly; and since protons will eventually decay in 2 billion years, literally nothing relative to the matter at the surface of the negative singularity, all matter would instantaneously turn to bet,a alpha, and gamma radiation (along with a number of misc particles and light waves).
    If you read this, understood it (in the case that you study physics), and still believe in that insanity, then your either stupid, brainwahsed, or ignorantly stubborn. No I'm not technically a physicist, I'm a 15 year old, male, wanna-be physicist (gonna major in it in college, minor in art).
    As for this site, it's great, really Really REALLY great. Keep on liberating the world from the idiocy of theology. Theology, (religion, for you oh so common "Christian by Ignorance/Idiocy") is simply a system of incorrect imaginary science, generated to explain the physics of the natural world, in a time when science was not suffeciently advanced to explain such phenomenon. In other words, or lamen terms, a bad habit which needs to be dropped.
    Sites such as this are helping spread the word of atheism, HA take that "word of god," now we got a "word" too; a word far less idiotic. Unfourtunatly, I live in a small Kansas town. I should say a small, psyco-christian, bible-thumping, atheist oppressing, stupid, inbread, collection of fanatic MONKEYS.
    If there was any true messiah, you would be it.