Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 09:43:24 +0500
Subject: Re[2]: The Pope Isn't Humpty Dumpty‹but some
        of the people who left feedback are!
From: C***
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Hi Mr. Bedford
   So, you're not living a lifestyle that is immoral according to the Bible. This is frankly hard for me to believe. You say you party with drug users. This according to the Bible is immoral. I'm not meaning to Judge but this site you have made has been made because you have a bone to pick with Christianity. I don't know why but you have a bone to pick with God. And it's probably because Christians have confronted you with your immorality (which of course is wrong. It is not a Christian's goal to tell others about their faults but to tell them how to be delivered from their faults)
   Your crab analogy sounds good, but I'd suffocate without God. I like spending as much time in His living water as I can. I also find great joy in helping crabs that sit on the shore, suffocating, because they "know" that there is no water. The point is that there is. And no matter what joy you find in your parties with druggies, God's joy is greater. So next time you're partying, think about it.
   I still don't understand what your are doing, by having this site. Paul said "
If the dead are not raised, "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die." The concept of this verse is this: for him, God was his hope, his reason for doing anything, but, if what he knew about God were not true he would simply have eaten and drank and died. His life would have been pointless. Thank God that I have better things to do with my life than simply eat and drink, and tell others to do the same. There is no reason to do anything without God. There is no convincing to be done, we can all do what we want, in fact, we may as well all kill ourselves. Why should we suffer on earth and then die, when we can die without the suffering. Sure, maybe we can get a little pleasure, but we still won't exist after we die, so what will we have gained. Nothing. There is no life, not hope, without God. I can't live like that. No matter how much "thinkers" tell me there is no Water, I still go to the Water when I am tired and need to breathe.
   Hopefully this helps you understand more or less what Christians really believe. And maybe next time you write an article you can include points about the stress Christians put on love, forgiveness, hope, and all those things. Those are the core substance of Christianity. This is what the appeal is in Christianity. Thanks for reading.