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Subject: Quite the response for: The pope is humpty dumpty!
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Greetings Mr. Darwin:



I'm kinda glad that I stumbled on your web site.  I've read a few of your postings, and agree with most of your interpretations.  I was especially interested in the "The pope is humpty dumpty" article.


Again, I agree with your interpretation of the "Jesus Story".  I was also fascinated by the responses aimed at "enlightening" you on what the gospels actually said about JC.  One response in particular was from a person claiming to be 15 years old - the posting was called "Regarding your distortion of Christianity".


I was rather amused at his interpretation of the gospels.  I wanted to respond the 15 year old, but what's the point.  It doesn't seem to make much of a difference if you're young or old - we all seem to believe the unbelievable.


The fact that the youngster refers to the scriptures to answer questions is evidence of his/her lack of empirical thought processing.


I found this particularly funny:


"Death is a punishment for sin, (if you can think of a better explanation for aging please tell me, but I have never heard any reason for aging or death.) Jesus didn't sin, yet still died, in doing so, he took our sins on to Him, died of His own accord (he was killed by angry people, much like yourself, but only because the Father allowed). Although you may find this confusing, this is the Christian's belief, what you said is not the Christian's belief."


If the youngster would like a reason for aging, maybe he/she could put their bible down for one second and then pick up a biology book!


I guess this person doesn't understand why god sent his only son to DIE for our SINS. The whole point of the exercise was to send JC to earth to die for the sins of man - that's it.  The whole story about, the prophesy of a virgin birth, trial, crucifixion, was that - a story.  Jesus had to die.  That's what his father sent him down to earth for.  Read the gospels and tell me I'm wrong.


This is what killed me the most:


“By the way, who set up the laws that govern the universe?? Why are they the way they are?”



Laws?  What laws?  Oh, you mean these patterns that man seems to have recognized through thousands of years of observing?


I wonder if this person is aware of his or her own mind?  Is a tree a tree because we’ve named it so?  What if we didn’t label it?  Then what is it?


Things are as they are cause WE SAY IT IS!  I guess this may take a while to figure out, but with education, perhaps this 15 year old will find “illumination”.



Great work Mr. Darwin,


I’m moving to Vancouver Island soon, perhaps we could chat some day.


Fernando Falcao

Sioux Lookout, ON CA