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Hi Chrissy,

My religious background -- my father was an atheist, my mother an Anglican.  I learned nothing about religion until a friend mentioned that God created the world.  I was 11 and immediately rejected the concept. Since then I have always felt the need to correct people's incorrect beliefs.  It has only developed into a calling during the past ten years.

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  Hey,  I don't know if you remember me but we met briefly on Hastings street.  I'm with the Union Gospel Mission.  Any way I was just curious what your religious background was.  Also I was wondering how long you felt called to derligionize the world. In answer to your quetion of the week.  God is outside of time.  Meaning that time is a confide only to our demension.  Im sure you've heard of the unmoved mover.  Time is in motion.  THerefore there had to be something outside of time to begin the motion.Hope to hear back from you.  Chrissy