Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 14:42:28 -0800
Subject: Its heavy but I read the messages loud and clearly...


  Hello Dave,

  Thought I'd take a look at your site, it has a lot of heavy points to offer the public...and I admit to just perusing lightly as it would take quite a while to go over most of it.

  Here's how I see the start of all of this mess of Judaism , Christianity and all of the other assortments of or off shoots of the original creation of the one 'god' of Akhenaten's one 'god' called the *Aten or as you and I no of it as the good old *SUN.

  Akhenaten did away with all the 'gods' and superstitions of Egypt and made the Sun the all inspiring power of MANKIND, well you can imagine how he disrupted the status quo, and the high priests of the Amunist religion...It had gotten fairly hot in the 1370's b.c.e. for Akhenaten kicked the Amun priesthood out into the streets of old Thebes, and their ego's were destroyed...but they would make their way back in time through trickery and other evil means.

  The Gnostics talk of two 'gods' one is the Sun and the other is Pharaoh Akhenaten who foolishly tried to change the world, and it all fell back on him. The Sun is the senior 'god' and Akhenaten is the junior 'god'.

  All of Greek history is post Egyptian history, and its too much to go into now but I'll just mention in passing that the Spartans of Greece are the reminance of the [ Egyptian Hebrews]  that escaped with the one 'god' of Akhenaten...The Pythegoreons called it a fire that permeated the universe, the Sun; but some of the later followers wanted to get away from the material god so they called it the #1 god where upon Akhenaten was called the #2 god. I know this is too much for you to grasp as of now, because it is all new to you, so I'll go easy on you.

  If you wish to see the evolving religious negatives I'm on the Gnostics site..I'm NOT a gnostic I just use the site to bounce around on...I have many other sites that I'm into plus the CanadianAtheist site in 'e' groups.

  My having to know the answers to all of this religious BULLSHIT has made me search for the base or beginning of this maddness and I found it in ancient Egypt, as this is where the one higher power evolved from. The Aten/Sun gave love to the earth, rivers flowed because of it, the grass was green because of it; that is all Akhnaton was saying.

  here's a site I use...http://www.*********.com

  I am an absolute atheist...but you will notice I have a nom de plumé of ********* he was Akhnatons advisor in the atheist Atenists of the day...You will notice that Akhnaton WAS the first ATHEIST in recorded history and the Amun priestHOODS had to destroy him.

  Freud said the Roman church is the continuation of the ancient Amunist religion of ancient Egypt, a religion of suppression.